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  1. this what i mean: in my secondlife, on the left side where it says home, inbox, notifications.... etc... right where it says inbox i have a small orange circle with the number 6 inside, Normally this means that i have 6 new messages in my inbox but that is not the case i have read them all and still says i have unread messages. its not a big deal just annoying but would be nice if that only pops up when i actually have new messages like it used to do up until a few days ago thanks!!
  2. Thanks Charolotte but when i go to notifications it says that there are no notifications .....
  3. Hi all. when i receive a message in my dashboard even if i read them i tkeeps the orange ball saying i have new messages any idea why and how can i go back to normal, that is once i read them, the warning disappears? Thanks!!
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