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  1. OK I see you need to copy the noses of each and then place them slightly in front of the noses of the faces. What you could do is duplicate one of the 10 emote faces and manually select the faces of the nose that you want to duplicate to create the alpha nose. Then Extract those faces but make sure you don't have the option separate on so the nose will separate from the mesh but it will still be apart of the mesh. Basically cutting out the nose but not moving the nose. What this will do is make the nose UVs a separate UV island. You can then do "Copy Mesh Attributes" to the other 10 faces
  2. OK I am going to assume that you took the original face duplicated it and edited the nose to a new shape. Now you want the other 10 emote faces to have the same new nose. What I do is create blend shapes between the original face and all the other 10 emote faces. Then take your duplicate with the new nose and place it right on top of the original face. Create a wrap between the original face and the new one with the new nose. So you select the new face with the new nose and then hold shift key and select the original face and create the wrap. Now select the original face and change it to
  3. Bobbie Faulds wrote: Why is being a feminist a pejorative term? Do you believe that women should get equal pay for equal work? Do you believe women should be able to enter any profession they wish to? If you answered yes, you're a feminist. I have heard this kind of logic from a close friend of mine as well as hearing and seeing it in the media. One can agree with ideas and goals of a movement or organizations without automatically being apart of it or member. Just because someone may agree that women should get equal pay for equal work and believe women should have the right to enter
  4. Kellyo Mayo

    Stolen Mesh

    I have never read anything official from George Lucas about Star Wars in SL or if it is OK to sell Star Wars builds in SL. I do remember the creator of Family Guy Seth MaCFarlane doing an interview about the Star Wars episode. He had said they didn't get permission to do the episode from Lucas. Seth MaCFarlane said Lucas has always been very generous about fan created content. I don't know how accurate my memory is or if Seth was accurate at describing Luca's attitude towards fan created content. My guess is Lucas would not mind residents in SL creating Star Wars items here in SL for pers
  5. Kellyo Mayo

    Stolen Mesh

    I did a quick Google search and found an article here. http://www.examiner.com/article/cbs-issues-final-answer-on-star-trek-rp-second-life In the article are full text of CBS official response to Star Trek items being sold in SL. I read CBS's responses and while it doesn't say specifically the Star Trek items built in SL can be given away for free it is quite clear that CBS is mainly concerned with people selling Star Trek items and they clearly state that residents are free to build Star Trek items for personal use.
  6. Kellyo Mayo

    Stolen Mesh

    Actually xMK84x may not be in copyright violation. CBS a year or two ago officially stated that it was OK to build Star Trek items here in SL but that it wasn't OK to sell them. CBS also said it be OK to give away Star Trek items here in SL as long as it was free. http://www.trekmeshes.ch/ may have a similar arrangement or since they are not selling any of the items CBS simply may have ignored the site. If memory serves me correct CBS said they didn't want anyone using the name Star Trek here in SL.
  7. Kellyo Mayo

    Stolen Mesh

    You would have to upload your model to SL and buy a copy of the model in question to know for sure if it is the same mesh or not. You would have to rez both and size yours to be the exact size of the other and put them so they occupy the same space and see if all the vertex match up. Why am I saying this? Because you did such a wonderful job recreating another persons design in mesh doesn't mean someone else couldn't have done the same thing. So you want to be really sure before you file a DMCA. I am not even sure you can file a DMCA on a design that you don't own the copyright to. See
  8. I have met many transgendered people in SL. I remember reading a study someplace that showed the majority of female avatars in SL are played by people who were born male and a good percentage were not transgendered. I think you are already handling your situation in a good way by saying that you are transgender in your profile. I haven't read your profile so I don't know how many places you have mentioned it. If you only put it in one or two I would put it a few more places and join a few groups who's names are obvious that it is a transgendered group. Then just be yourself. You don't ne
  9. Watch this video. It explains copyright law and also fair use:
  10. mtwtfss71 wrote: I can attest to the BELLY collision bone creating a mess once the belly slider goes above about 14. I hope more work is done on that one in particular. Also, are people successfully uploading mesh clothing using the collision bones into the testing viewer? I'm getting an error even though according to blender, my mesh is fine. I have successfully uploaded mesh using the new Collision Bones with Maya. At first I thought I was doing something wrong or that Maya was having a problem because when I would wear the mesh part or most of the mesh would disappear and looked
  11. I'm quite baffeled that no matter how simply I state it you always get it wrong. I said the speechs Moonves and Philip gave encouraged residents to create Star Trek items and machinima. I never claimed it gave us or granted us licences. I am baffeled how you can read his words, "Thank you, Philip. In fact, eSheep is currently building out a very own Starship Enterprise to allow the Second Life community to mash-up a slough of Star Trek episodes. It's a great way to give back to the fans who make the show as successful as it is. Who knows, maybe some day we can even broadcast one of their v
  12. With respect Inara I said the speeches by Les Moonves and Philip Linden encouraged SL residents to create Star Trek items in SL. I never claimed that the PDF was a written agreement giving us official licence. Here is the full quote from the PDF file. "LESLIE MOONVES: Thank you, Philip. In fact, eSheep is currently building out a very own Starship Enterprise to allow the Second Life community to mash-up a slough of Star Trek episodes. It's a great way to give back to the fans who make the show as successful as it is. Who knows, maybe some day we can even broadcast one of their virtual
  13. In general as copyrights work I agree with you Alexis. I also agree with you that there is nothing wrong and the safest bet is to come up with something completely original. That being said there are obviously some things that you are not aware of. Alexis Sommerfeld wrote: I am going to say this slowly; CBS does not care about your profits - it's chump change to them. It would cost them more money just to pursue the case, than you would have made (many times over). The entire notion that "copyright only matters if people are making profits" is bunk. I have read the emails sen
  14. Edie Shoreland wrote: Why is it LL's responsibility to come to an agreement with CBS and write vendor scripts that automatically give CBS a percentage? Instead of expecting someone at LL to broker a blanket agreement for the whole grid, shouldn't it be the responsibility of individual creators to get in touch with CBS? The fans and creators should be talking to CBS legal to get the corporation's blessings on these goods, not waiting around for one of the Lindens to deal with it. My suggestion: Get a few Trek related builders to discuss this with someone at CBS, and see if CBS has an
  15. I couldn't agree with you more Toysoldier Thor! I much rather have an active productive discussion about the topic and problem then what has been going on. In my first post I presented a Win Win scenario between SL residents and CBS. I will repost it here below. Most of the time I don't bother reading or posting in the SL forums because in general they often are not productive and very very few people offer any sort of solution. Instead 99% of the participants either just complain or point fingers and name call. It is one of the more negative aspects of the SL culture and probably why L
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