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  1. Examples of assault in a combat sandbox would be autokillers, and pushing someone off of a safe zone to kill them.
  2. Sometimes it doesn't attach for some reason. Try going through a different portal.
  3. The way I understand it, this change is not one that needs to be "rolled out." It doesn't require a new server version, the code for it already exists on all sims. It's more like a "switch", and all they have to do to put this into effect is flip it.
  4. I've seen the source code that's supposed to bring you back from away status when you move your mouse, and there's a flaw in it. It does bring you back from Away status even if you don't move your mouse.
  5. To everyone who's saying "RLV is safe", I hope you're right of course, but do you know that for sure? It seems to alter the "shared experience" significantly, as far as I can tell.
  6. 1) You could look at it that way, but I've seen zero evidence that anyone views Viewer Tags as a privacy violation, and tons of evidence that they are, and have been for a years, and useful feature that everyone likes. 2) "Common visual experience" sounds nice, sure, until you think about it for two seconds. What about the description "common" is inherently equal to "better" or even "good"? If everyone on Earth only had black-and-white vision, that would be a common visual experience. Would that be better than if some people could see in color?
  7. Well, as a viewer developer, I have what I think are legitimate concerns about these policy changes, especially the part that specifically prohibits the creation of new features. When you characterize that as "bitching", it really minimizes what I do.
  8. I have comments: Please don't destroy viewer tags! And please, PLEASE don't make it a policy violation to create new viewer features!
  9. I like this idea, mostly. However, If I build a new cube on the ground and take it...I expect it to show up at the top of the list in my "Objects" folder. I don't like the idea of new objects that I take into my inventory automatically being sent to this Received Items area.
  10. Rawr, that's annoying. But I guess 5% on L$99 isn't a huge loss to me. Still, I should be able to send my own objects to people for free, and I seem to remember there being such a feature on the old Xstreet.
  11. I just purchased an item on the Marketplace, FROM MYSELF, as a gift, and was charged a commission for it! o.O Does the SL Marketplace really charge me a commission to send MY OWN items as gifts?
  12. I can only see the view of RC's becoming more negative if they all of a sudden start saying "Guess what? Your sim may or may not be on an RC. It's a surprise!"
  13. The joke is that the "Christmas Season" gets longer and longer every year...and it's actually true. Early November and the Holiday shopping commercials have already started. Pretty much as soon as it's not Halloween anymore, it's Christmas.
  14. The joke is that the "Christmas Season" gets longer and longer every year...and it's actually true. Early November and the Holiday shopping commercials have already started. Pretty much as soon as it's not Halloween anymore, it's Christmas.
  15. Also, I can't save a modifiable script in a modifable attachment that I'm not the creator of. Related?
  16. Calling it a "browser" is disturbing to me...it's a viewer for a 3D world, not a way to surf the web in the mid 90's
  17. Second Life, as we all know it, is the "Production Grid", also known as the "Main Grid", or "Agni". There is also "Aditi", or "The Beta Grid", which is used for beta testing but is technically separate from what we think of as Second Life. Then there are tons of internal testing grids that only Lindens can get to. And asChealsea said, there are "OpenSim" grids, which aren't part of Second Life at all, but are (kind of) compatible with the viewer.
  18. The main channel release notes say "llSetAngularVelocity()" was added, but then calls it "llSetRotationalVelocity()", so which is it?
  19. Try logging in to a different sim. Someone might have rezzed one of those annoying graphics crashers at where ever you're trying to log in.
  20. For that matter, calling llSetLinkPrimitiveParamsFast() on a prim that doesn't exist (such as llSetLinkPrimitiveParamsFast(90, [PRIM_COLOR, -1, <1,1,1>, 1.]); on a single prim object) silently fails, and doesn't generate an error. I don't think PRIM_LINK_TARGET should throw a bounds error at all, just silently fail if the prim it's targeting isn't there.
  21. Maybe they're working on that as a surprise for us.
  22. /me crosses my fingers and hopes BlueSteel's TBD project will be scripting maintenance.
  23. Well, and this is more semantics than anything, what you mean to say is "Main Channel". All the sims are on the Main Grid already.
  24. So...did the restarts for Magnum not get done...?
  25. You do need to be logged in to see the "Actions" button, which the "Join Second Life" button indicates that you're not.
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