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  1. I sincerely hope that you are going to catch up on complaints about the sale of pirated products and DMCAs filled regarding the theft of intellectual property that goes on in your market. Since LL gets a commision on sold product, failure to police the market when complaints are filed likely makes LL an accomplice in the crimes if you allow the market place to become a black market for stolen intellectual property. I have been following one example of such stolen materials being on sale in your market for about 2 months now, after a DMCA was fiked and after at least on additional supportive t
  2. Well, the really good thing is the boost this should give to the open sim grid. Grids like SL will have a big impact on the internet in the future I believe and to do that we need viable competition. So far I have not seen much being done in grids other than SL to actually make them viable in the long run. An influx of educational institutions may be the boost that competitive grids need.
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