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  1. If we still had the old fora I'd have said General Discussions or Resident Answers ... but nowadays it's definitely SLU. I just arrived there in February, but found a lot of nice, opinionated (in a good way) and knowledgeable folks. In-world the Forum Cartel hangout (which sort of grew out of the old RA crowd) is a good place.
  2. Claireschen Hesten wrote: have you thought about using a free inworld sculpting tool to make what you are after a $ or € should be easy to make as a prim linkset which can be converted to as a sculpt map if you ever visit the 3dbuildeasy SculptCrafter sandbox you can try the sculpt crafter demo create what you want out of the tools provided then upload the sculpt map if you can get on the beta grid or your viewer has free temp uploads you can try the sculpt before paying the L$10 upload fee Yes, I thought about it right away. I own a Prim Oven and used it a number of times. However, this is not supporting the rounded torus forms I would need for a $ sign. Thanks for the tip re 3dbuildeasy SculptCrafter demo. I will try that one. EDIT: The SculptCrafter demo version in the 3dbuildeasy sandbox worked perfectly and did the trick. This is an excellent design tool! Thanks again for the valuable pointer! :smileyhappy:
  3. Jaime Radium wrote: Thanks Govindira and Paola -- this stuff is EXACTLY what I need. If you haven't done it already, would you mind taking my survey (just so I have something official)? This is awesome stuff. I can't get my inworld friends to do it because we all use the same viewer for the same reasons (diversity fail, argh). Thank you both so much for the replies! With pleasure. Good luck with your studies!
  4. A quick search for "Buddhist" in the groups tab shows quite a number of such interest groups, e.g. Buddhists of SL SL SGI-USA Kannonji .. and many more ... Having said that, as a Phoenix user I can't really guide a Viewer 2 user (and I assume that is what 1 day old CMOQ is using) on how to search for groups, sorry!
  5. Quinn Morani wrote: I've seen several others make an appearance for only a single post. I really hope they come back now that we have an Off Topic forum! Fair enough. Without that I'd never even have looked in here. If I want work without play, I can stay in RL. :smileyhappy:
  6. Your Library contains lots of choices. Just change to one of the pre-defined avatars from there. Moreover, If I would know your username I could drop you a newbie orientation notecard in-world. Is it "CMOQ Resident"?
  7. Well, every viewer has certain features that may or may not work for you. Luckily we have choice. Personally I use Phoenix because I am accustomed to te V1 interface and like the functionality. A few functions come to mind: Long-distance radar Using ":" instead of "/me " for RP'ing Spam protection Phantom option Copy & paste for object coordinates (pos, size, rot) I guess there may be a dozen more functions that I have become so used to that I would only notice if I don't have tem anymore. Having said that, any viewer works which you get along with. Choice is the important thing!
  8. Hi! I have a new gadget sitting here (a scripted device that gives you current L$ conversion rates in all sorts of currencies), that I want to give a fancy form. Does anyone have a sculpty texture for a 3d $ or € sign he is willing to share with me? The currency gadget will be a freebie, so I can't pay for the texture. Of couse, I promise not to resell it. Thanks!
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