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  1. Many thanks both. Extremely helpful. Thank you.
  2. Hi, I'm a newbie on 2L and my question may actually be something that's normal but if so it'd be good to find out just so I don't keep trying to 'solve' the problem. Basically if I detach all clothes, all huds all attachments etc from my avatar it still wears what is probably best described as a body stocking. It looks like  a pair of underpants starting just above the knee & a vest on the upper torso. In itself this isn't a problem, I've no great desire to run around naked at the moment but it becomes a problem when I wear certain other clothing. The best example is if I put a swimsuit on. The trunks/shorts or whatever fit fine, but underneath and now visible to all is this body stocking. Not as bad, but if I wear say a short tee shirt or an open shirt, instead of seeing flesh I have the body stocking. Yet it seems that wherever I go there are loads of avatars in a variety of 'revealing' costumes or swimwear & occasionally naked, who, instead of body stockings show skin, be it midriff, chest, back etc etc. As I say I'm a newbie, and I've not signed up to be a premium member or anything so it occurs to me that maybe my membership level restricts some things, but I don't see any other avatars having the same problem. Thanks for reading,
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