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  1. My brother is unconsicous. His payment wasn't made and I would like to pay it so if and when he wakes up and is well enough he can come back to SL.. I don't want him to loose his island. How can I make a payment on his acccount. I used to have his SL password but he must have changed it. Binski Lamingon
  2. My brother owns an island and he used to have my cc on it to make tier payment. He changed it to paypal. He is in a coma and I want to keep the island going. His avatar is locked out which I assume is because of a default in payment. How can I make a payment on this account to keep it going? Alternatively how long does it have to be in arrears before someone else can purchase it? Could I be put on a list so I can purchase it so I can keep it going. There are a lot of merchants on the island and so much work went into the creation I would hate to see it lost once he regains consciousness which we are hopeful for. Thanks Binski Lamington
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