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  1. Hi Hara. You're playing a frigging 3d video game, if it wasn't running at 100% CPU I'd be worried about how well it's running. "An enormous amount of memory" is very subjective. On a system with 1GB SL uses a lot, on one with 8GB it's using next to none. When it first launched Viewer 2.0 had a memory leak and would crash even just standing around as it approached 2GB. Recently I've not seen it, but it (or another) could still be there on a different system configuration. (I've only used it on Vista 32-bit, Seven 64-bit and Ubuntu 64-bit on the same hardware.) So you suggest - and Linden Lab too - I must change my pc only to connect on SL using V2???? Sorry but this is a non-sense!!! With my old pc, that is ok for my real job, the only viewer I can use is Cool VL Viewer in version 1.23. I can building and scripting only with 256 MB of ram.!!! I can also use voice!!! This I call a good viewer!!! But your call to fix known bugs is still that old non-developer misunderstanding that every programmer is identical. A database programmer (which Display Names is a part of) knows little to nothing about an OpenGL, networking or game logic problem (which are many of the open bugs). Yes, maybe you think right, but I'm a web developer, from analisys to ended product and I know that adding one or more fields on a table is very easy: is the use of theese new fields - and the logic behind it - that can generate an enormous variety of new bugs in the system. And the impersonation is a strawman. There are plenty of ways to find out who the user really is ... Yes, I know, but try to explain it to new SL users, and hope they remember it!!! Rubin Lyle
  2. Dear Lillia, I'm on SL from 2007, and I see more changes in client software, server software, and functionality of the system: but I cann't remember a "disaster" like Viewer 2. It's a disaster for every PC I try it: lag, cpu working at 100% all the time, an enormous amount of memory used... In the same situation with 1.23 or something else like Cool VL Viewer I have no lag, possibility to run more than 1 client with no client lag, normal working for cpu and the right memory usage It's only my opinion, but I thik that the old clients are better than viewer 2. Another example: during building operations, it's useful to move the camera instead of the avatar and do it 1000 times: in the old viewers the camera control window is always shown and complete, in V2 the old camera control is split into 2 tab and the window hide itself after few seconds. As results of this, what I did with 1 click on the old viewers (1000 click), now i can do it with 3 click on different UI position (3000 click): old viewers are more usable! And what about the search tools? In the old viewers I always found what i looked for, I cannot say this for V2. I can tell you a lot of other examples: in V2 simplicity is only a memory... We don't hate wiewer 2, but I think - and a lot of people think the same - that Linden Lab people must resolve a lot of bugs in the system of SL, before add new functionality like Display Name, that will cause a lot of problems still indicates to LL in other posts of the blog. Example: in the future, one of the griefer preferred activity will be the "Impersonation", and the report abuse system will be filled with reports against wrong persons, because of display names... Rubin Lyle
  3. I think that is better if Linden Lab try to resolve SL problems instead of release "Display Names", that will cause thousands of more problems with wrong abuse report!!!! What must I think if I'll banned from SL because a griefer with a display name like Rubin Lile or Rubyn Lyle ? Try to resolve real problems of the system: lag, tikets system with very long times queue (I have 2 tickets opened on August 28th 2010 and still in "new" state")... Rubin Lyle
  4. I have 4 open tickets, 2 of then opened on August 24th 2010. I have no words... Rubin Lyle
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