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  1. Yes , actually you know i only purchased them because I recognized them on full perm avatars being sold, I was also investigating where they came from or trying too. I didnt use them as i found some interesting info..as in th eyeylshes if they are on the opposite side of where they need to be. Then highly likely a copy. At th emoment it is difficult finding resources for a good male skin i am persuing the net for parts of muscle tone and belive it or not came across abs used on skins..i was like dumbfounded. I do not blame anyone and i also dont hide i use templates at times..and in the past. this is hence the for purchasing info..a simple way to say it might suspect..
  2. The issue is settled and Amicably, So if i could remove this rant i would..I dont have a MP..store hasnt for a while as i sell in world at my own store. I am revamping MP once the new features are implemented.
  3. I know they are but i am alos waiitng for some of this to die down..yes i was annoyed i've apologized and well i'm just waiitng and working on new skins. I have some out but as i took down the skins i decided to redo my mall.. Alos i was awaiitng this to die down. I apologized for the rant..and actually besides the issue from the persons involved i want to state..these people are what the small designers use as a benchmark for the best skin they can develop
  4. Sorry, no not shameless advertizing i didnt name the store as it wasnt allowed for one and would make it look like bad publicity. A bad timed vent and i'm sorry for that, it was annoying and the store. Promised to lay off me so alls good that comes from not accepting the Big name bullying of small business ..
  5. Well you are absolutely right, She totally backpwedalled once the fight was taken to her. Thankfully all resolved..
  6. Well I must apologize for what seems a cheap publicity trick. I was sincere in my little rant but also it was made whilst being upset. I work hard at what I do. I felt bullied and in RL I would never tolerate that. I forgot that a lot of people must come across this everyday. The Store did respond to me earlier today and stated rather nicely and sincere that the issue is ended and no further action is necessary. I thank the store in question for seeing reason and appreciate the honest response.
  7. i would look to scleopatra resident she has a few parcles to rent at great prices, I know it isnt a homestead. I will also say if you are succesful breeding and want to sell. Then you'll be moiving again Homesteads with commercial access are few and far between
  8. Welcome to Synner's Haven, a peaceful and yet bustling hub of activity. Read on to find our rules, below some useful landmarks. In Synner's Haven, you will find a multitude of places to explore, including a castle, enchanted forest, tranquil waterfalls, and other beautiful scenery at ground level. Hidden lover's nooks for romance and cuddling as well as many areas to explore will keep you coming back.. In addition, we have a variety of shops for you to browse and find items to improve your wardrobe, home, and your whole second life. From some of the sexiest footwear and clothing imaginable, to steampunk and neo-victorian clothing and furniture, to advertising service, furniture, gaming, and more, Synner's Haven SkyMall is the ideal place to shop, or start a business. You are welcome to rent a home or a store space with us here in Synner's Haven. Simply contact Sinisterguy Leodhais or Synner Haven for additional assistance if you cannot find a rental box attached to an area meeting your needs, or if you require additional assistance or customization to your space. All we ask is that the rules of the sim are obeyed. Failure to comply will result in being ejected and banned. Any rents paid in advance may be forfeit if we are forced to eject and ban you. Your items will be returned, except in the event of non-transferable deeded items, which are deleted by the grid upon attempting to return them to owners. ~*~The Rules~*~ 1. No nudity or graphic sexuality in shared / public spaces, meaning the mall areas and the public areas of the ground level island. This is a moderate sim, and others may not be as comfortable with your sexuality as you are. 2. Be a decently behaved guest or citizen. It's okay to joke around, goof off, flirt, and generally have fun, but not to be deliberately offensive, hurtful, mean, spiteful, or rude. 3. Do not expect us to be at your beck and call. Just because our avatars are online does not mean we are. Further, SL is as much business or pleasure for us, and at times we are busy and unable to give you our full attention. This is not the same as ignoring you. You are always welcome to e-mail synnershaven@gmail.com if you are having difficulty contacting us by IM or notecard. 4. Keep your scripts to a minimum, and do not exceed your prim usage. Excess prims may be trimmed by us at any time by returning items to your inventory. There will be no warning, because you already know how many prims you are permitted. You may request an update on your prim usage at any time, and we will respond with a current count at our first opportunity.
  9. Thanks, I'm just shocked is all..maybe y'all will grabb attention saluting..? oooh nice palm.. I just think this is bullying..and shouldnt be tolerated. After being told initially it isnt possibly my skin..to change these points..just adds to discredit the "store" in question.
  10. How does this sound i make skins, I make great skins and also i use tmeplates. I have some great friends in the skin business, Wel known skinmakers..Now my probloem is this well known skin maker has threatened me because my palm on a skin is similar..and i was ebing incredibly nice. By contacting them to resolve ans issue. Showed samples and The "Well known skin designer" said "I can tell you it is not one of my skins" then proceed after 20 minutes to say. The palms are similar..? and although a list of over 16 parts are not the same..as my skin i would like you to change the overall skin as it is similar in some ways...? Before you place it on sale make the changes i recommend. Now y'all have this skinmakers skin in your inventory. I knw 100% i do not have any resemblance in my skin..they ar elike chalk and cheese. We all use the same source. I"m being bullied into chnaging my skin because.." you have a toyota and oyur wheels are similar. "Omg !!change the Goodyear print on your tire" This has to stop how can secodnlife expand if the top stores dont allow for other skin makers to develop. ? Please help me in relaying this message to the Bullies..I will and am willing to show the skins in question..and the proof it has no similarities except the usal "same source Issues"
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