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  1. I know I can say yes if I want to. I don't want to. Not even a little bit. I'm not even curious.
  2. Being talked to that way makes me feel inclined to use choice words when I feel like I'm not being understood. It makes me a worse person. I can't read all these comments because there's too much knee-jerk victim blaming.
  3. If being verbally assaulted is your fetish, or of you want to cater to that marked, it should be categorized as such in the search terms and not close to something that's totally not a verbal abuse fetish.
  4. Misogyny is just as pathetic and damaging and mind-numbing in Second Life as it is in real life. Plants die when people talk to them that way.
  5. There used to be a sim based on Jack the Ripper. Someone went to the trouble of creating Victorian London, then there's a role play of sorts, and the note card says, "If you're a female avatar, and you'd like to be a victim, there are plenty of guys here who would be happy to oblige you." There are no other role play scenarios available. It just seems Second Life just has a lot of guys in it who want to be Jack the Ripper or maybe Brock Turner. That gives me the creeps. I'd like to do something to make Second Life better. I don't really give a ***** if some people think I'm the boogeyman. I'm not really surprised. Disappointed, but not surprised. I don't want to be a victim. I want to be a detective. Being a victim is lame. I have a brain. I enjoy using it. Virtual stripping is silly and boring. I'm not suggesting that the dance poles be banned, but why do they have to be so god damn everywhere?
  6. I'm not suggesting fascism. I'm suggesting common sense. I'm suggesting that Second Life be a friendlier place for normal people.
  7. I'm saying I don't want to be here because of this and if you're threatened by that, you can really go ***** yourself. You're using the term "fascist" a little loosely.
  8. Stop telling me that I asked for it or that it's my fault. I had to move to another city in real life because of ***** like this. I now live in a safer area, but I was afraid to go outside today because of something that happened in Second Life.
  9. I do not want to have sex with people who talk to me like this in real life or in second life. It's offensive that someone assumed I would like this.
  10. This is the notecard for the "role play". I put on the HUD to see what it was like, and all they do is say lewd things to me. These men aren't "naughty" they are misogynistic apes. Don't waste my time blaming me for checking this thing out. This is reprehensible. It is broadly offensive content, and the fact that there are no other options is offensive. I did not chat about sex, *****ing, bj, dick, *****, ass, or gang bang, or anything of that nature. I told them they should be ashamed of themselves for talking to women this way. "Welcome to the Naughty Biker RP Sim. We hope you have fun with our residents as they will most certainly have fun with you. The RP here works best when you wear an RLV Relay, however you can still participate without it. If you are new to RLV and want to try it, click the Biker with Crowbar at the entrance to receive a free RLV Relay and instructions to setup RLV. This sim is sensitive to lady's needs as this RLV will not strip any important parts of your body. When the short role play is concluded you will automatically be released. For ladies with mesh bodies, try the RLV setup class in the building to your left. It will guide through setting up RLV, keeping important parts on and how to use smart strip. Emoting in local chat makes the experience more enjoyable for everyone and is also the best way to get things going here. Here's how to have fun with the bikers without RLV: 1. When the bikers greet you, chat with them immediately in local as they need some indication you are up for RP. 2. If you do not talk after 3 emotes the bikers will move on to the next girl and ignore you. 3. Chat about sex, *****ing, bj, dick, *****, ass, gang bang, you get the picture. This will get them in the mood. 4. Hop on the pink pose ball when it rezzes. You have to do this manually without RLV. 5. Keep the emoting going while you're on the pose ball. It's more fun for everyone that way. 6. The boys like to pass their playthings around. When they do, you will have to hop on a new pink pose ball over by the motor cycle yourself without RLV Have fun as you discover the surprises here. FAQs: What do I do if the Bikers ignore me? If the role play is broken due to RLV failure, lack of emotes or some other issues, to restart the role play, you must go back out past the Biker with the Crow Bar, wait a few seconds and re-enter the area. If they do not talk to you it means you didn't go far enough out. What's up with the Lurker HUD? The Lurker HUD is for men or females with the right body parts and intent to capture and molest women. It allows anyone wearing it to interact with the Bikers and pick up their left over ***** meat, adding to the danger and humiliation on the docks. Ladies do not need to wear a Lurker HUD to play here. For female lurkers who want girl/ girl fun, you can force your victim onto the Bike Lift in the building behind the Bikers. How can I pick my scenarios? Frankly, it's up to the guys what they want to do with you. You have no chance of influencing Tommy or Johnny. Joe can be influenced via your chat before he grabs you or you jump on the pink ball. Talking about "gang bang" or "wanting all of you" gets the 5 on 1 scene, talking about a "train" or "pass me around" gets the train scene while chat on "bukkake" or "***** all over me" gets the new scene. Otherwise Joe decides. What if I get pregnant? Do you really think they care? You of course are free to complain to them, but don't expect much sympathy. When it comes time to deliver grab your favorite "doctor" or midwife and head to MaMa's Woman's Shelter on Center Street on the main sim. The shelter has pose balls to deliver your little bundle of shame next to the fire place. LM: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Shepham Estates/199/96/22 What if I like being covered in *****? All of the male residents here work with the It's NOT Mine! ***** Management System. You do NOT need to give a menu if you have this system as they know where they are going to *****. Besides, they are not really smart enough to operate something like a menu. They only know riding, drinking and *****ing. Okay. I'm covered in *****, How do I get it off? We have an It's NOT Mine! compatible shower in the warehouse behind the Bikers. It's handy for a quick cleanup before going home to friends and family. We also have ***** wash stations on the adjacent sim. Check out the Bath House on Morgan Street (http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Shepham%20Estates/126/115/22) or the Auction House on E. Oak (http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Shepham%20Estates/240/131/22)."
  11. You should be able to see adult content with out automatically seeing all the rape play. And I have a problem with people just shrugging it off because it's "not real". A real person developed this role play, and put it in an inappropriate setting deliberately. That's *****ed up. A real person or people wrote the script. Real people are lurking in these areas and donating to these places and I don't want to be near them. I don't need to hear all the misogynistic abusive rhetoric in SL. Someone assumed I was into this because I was on SL and had the adult settings on. Here, I'll come back with some quotes and see if any of you can stomach it. I'm somewhat desensitized to it because of my RL experiences, which were horrific and I don't need to relive in VR.
  12. My real life is better than Second Life. Second Life can do better. I can get an education and a job. ***** Chicago right up it's rapey ass.
  13. When you consider the fact that the female "willing victim" avatar is a man at least most of the time, and it's a bunch of guys having a circle jerk in a public area, verbally abusing anyone who happens by, it is hostile to women, not to mention really pathetic.
  14. I want to have a grownup discussion about this. I'm very disappointed in the responses.
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