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  1. The only viewer I have tried is Phoenix..latest version. I know Firestorm is in beta right now. I will definitely be looking into Firestorm soon. If the graphics can match the crispness I desire..and I can get the UI I want then I will switch permanently. I prefer the viewer 2 UI and how it doesn't clutter my screen up unless I want it that way. As I said I don't have these issues on Phoenix. My photos are working fine right now since cleaning local cache. I don't crash often but I still crash more than I would like. When I began using viewer 2 before the auto updates started I could stay on all day..dance..teleport...and MAYBE have one crash if any. Now I get 2 or 3 crashes per day..sometimes more. Certain sims...I rez in and start walking and bam...crash. I don't get that result on Phoenix. I REALLY LIKE viewer 2 but I am not happy with the performance at this time. I will keep reading the boards for answers if there is one
  2. I had this problem too. Sometimes sculpts would never rezz..and some things just remained fuzzy all the time. I have 2 graphics cards and 12gigs of ram so I knew my machine wasn't the problem. A user suggested I go to the menu under Develep..and take the check off of HTTP textures. The problem went away.
  3. I am having the same issue and I have a good machine that is water cooled. Seems that every update forced upon me causes more and more problems. I can't take a photo without crashing. Now my viewer doesn't even let me save the photo to my harddrive. I have to keep rebooting to make it work. It was never like this a few months ago. I am yep...a photographer on sl and this interferes with my work. I love viewer 2 because the photos are so crisp but what good is it if I have to keep relogging. I don't have this issue on Phoenix...period. No crashing...I can take all the photos I want at highest resolution..and save them without a hiccup. I have got to wonder why there is a difference. Is it really my computer needs tweaking or there is a problem with viewer 2. I don't really like Phoenix but I am FORCED to use it just to get my work done. I just tried cleaning the cache manually under local ( never done before ) and was successful and getting a photo and saving it without a problem. Maybe this cache shouldn't be cleaned often but an ocassional wipe just might be necessary. Now I will wait and see if I keep having the crash issue. Reinstalling over and over is just not something I want to do...I hate having to rebuild my custom windlight settings.
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