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  1. I received an email stating that two of my items are being flagged and there is no notice as to why. Who/what department do i talk to about this issue? Thank you Cennie Daines
  2. I just found this.. I use firestorm .. there you go to advanced - debug stettings - privatelocallookattarget - that must be true! Relog and your eyes won't move with your mouse
  3. For Firestorm users: firestorm_change_log_4.6.7.42398 [Phoenix Firestorm Project - Wiki FIXED “Restore to last position” for no copy objects has been removed Due to the risk of content loss when using the RESTORE TO LAST POSITION feature on certain no copy objects, this has been blocked. For those wishing, at your own risk, to re-enable restore to last position for use on no copy objects, you can do so by setting AllowNoCopyRezRestoreToWorld to TRUE in debug settings
  4. Then I shall give it a try and see what happens.. If i can then I'll post back her that you can.. Thank you again !!
  5. Hello, I have a shop on MP. It has all my old items. I would like to create my shop again under an alt avi. Can that be done? I'm going back into the clothing business and would like the mp shop to have a fresh start. Thank you in advance for any help Cennie Critical (cennie dains) OOTT - Out of the Trunk
  6. I have looked all around and cannot find someone who knows how to write a vehicle script for a child's toy called a "Big Wheel". I'm from the states.. just in case. Thanks ahead of time!! Cennie Daines
  7. Well I tried this and I cannot load at all. It just sits then logs me out before I even got to SL.
  8. I just lost $897L after i bought a $10L item. I seen a little window stating transaction error. now i have -$1L. How do i deal with this. I've never had an issue before Here is what the window shows: You paid Satan Aquila L$100 for alice 8 couleurs template + cloting. Buy object failed because you don't have enough L$. There has been a problem transferring L$. This error has been logged and reported. An internal error prevented us from properly updating your viewer. The L$ balance or parcel holdings displayed in your viewer may not reflect your actual balance on the servers. Thanks Cennie D.
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