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  1. Does anyone know if you get the same amount of prims in the new L.L. Homes as the old ones ??
  2. I am not cool with having to provide my SS# to anyone. I don't give it to the store clerk when I buy things with my debit /credit. I am NOT getting credit from Second Life so why do they need my social security number for me to buy lindens ?This just smells all wrong so after 10 yrs I may have to leave if u HAVE to accept this just to play.
  3. What would be really nice is if they released all the homes with enough for everyone so you can actually get one . They can increase the prices but not make plenty of homes to go around? It sucks because some folks left their rented homes to go premium to get new homes only to find them selves stuck in an old linden homes again . So being a premium member should mean u always get a choice of the newest homes .
  4. if they are increasing pricing then they should make sure all new homes are available to all premium members …. just my thoughts on it .
  5. Well since all the new homes got taken up …...have they set a date when more new linden homes will even be released?
  6. I think SL forgets a good amount of their players are retired or disabled an on limited incomes
  7. Fox part of the reason I left was because I didn't like the "old" linden homes so it seemed a waste if I wasn't going to live there .If the new homes wher going to be on a limited basis they should have told everyone. I had friends who went back on to premium instead of renting places just to get the new home only to find out they wher all taken . Seemed like a bate an switch deal at 1st .
  8. I have been thinking about going back to premium but I am a little confused . What other perks besides land prices do you get(some of us cant afford to own that kinda land )an more groups ? The new homes are not available any more so that's out. Are they also going to increase the allowance from 300?
  9. Thank you , your reply was very helpful , I'm not good with computers as far as tech stuff , I should probably learn lol I haven't made up my mind yet but that lap top looks pretty sweet ? I love SL to an am trying to get back asap. Thus my serch for a new pc. I wish they had some one who did do research an had a list of cards, laptops & PC's that worked well for sl to. It would make it so much easier , specially for those of us who don't know much about the workings lol
  10. My 1st time posting an I wasn't sure if I posted it in the right forum. You live and learn.?
  11. Ok so would this hp be better? Capacity1 TB 7200RPM SATA PRODUCT FEATURES: Operating SystemWindows 10 RAM8 GB DDR4-2400 SDRAM memory (1x8 GB) Product TypeGaming Included SoftwareHP Support Assistant, CyberLink Power Media Player, DTS Studio Sound™, Netflix, HP Orbit, HP Recovery Manager, Meet the new Office, Dropbox, McAfee® Optical DriveDVD-Writer USB Ports10 Processor Speed3.20GHz GamingYes Processor ModelAMD Ryzen™ 5 1400 Processor, Quad-Core Graphics CardAMD Radeon™ RX 550 graphics ca
  12. It's one where the whole thing is part of the screen back so I guess yes
  13. My old comp is really old, so I'm getting a new on an the Dell 24" Intel® Core™ i3 All-in-One Desktop Computer is on sale so...before I commit I want to make sure I'm getting one that will let me play Sl with no issues. Problem :I'm computer illiterate lol
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