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  1. Saying that no snow is the same as no Christmas is pretty disingenuous. Loads of places all over the world don't get snow in December and still manage to celebrate Christmas. We very rarely have snow during Christmas where I live in RL. In SL I'm excited to make a beachy Christmas landscape with Christmas lights in palm trees. Honestly, limiting snow to a light dusting or patchy drifts seems pretty reasonable.
  2. Every home I have ever lived in was an abandon. And my current place is AMAZING. Everyone wants something different. I think discouraging others from sharing the homes they know are available is only robbing people in search of a home from knowing what is out there. I get that it is frustrating but please don’t make others the object of those frustrations. Everyone is battling a complicated system trying to get a spot on Bellisseria. I, for one, appreciate the information.
  3. Your house used to belong to my friend Quiet. She said she only ever noticed someone random popping into her house once but maybe she just missed most of them. We both noticed that the lot seemed to have high traffic for how often she used it. I'm really bummed that this is happening to you.
  4. So strange. I wouldn't be able to deal with bots either way.
  5. Question, for those who are having bot issues, is your house in the middle of the region? Perhaps they are enter a region name and just ending up in your house because it was unfortunately placed directly in the center of the region. I really wish the moles would double check that nobody's property sits right on the center of the region for that reason.
  6. Reminds me of the Pacific Northwest in the US and Canada.
  7. If by something you mean a giant, glowing Donald Trump holding a cross. Then, yes. I also see that.
  8. There is still quite a bit of shuffle on Pearlcoast.
  9. Something appears to be going on at SSPE185.
  10. I don't understand. The same number of people are getting homes no matter which way you slice it. If 20 homes are released then 20 people are getting homes, period. Banning Autorefresh doesn't make more homes become available. There are always 20 homes and there are always 20 people getting them. Maybe chances have increased for people who didn't want to use Autorefresh. But banning Autorefresh will not make 30 people get homes where there are only 20 homes to give. More people are not getting homes. Possibly different people, but not more. I have no great attachment to using Autorefresh or not as I already have a home and don't intend to trade up any time soon. But the ban on it is because of server strain, not to help or hinder certain groups from getting a home.
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