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  1. I want to echo Gina's comments. Once again people who have put alot of effort and energy into helping promote AC are completely undermined. If the problem is search under 'Adult' - how exactly does removing Zindra from the name help promote discoverability? I'm scratching my head coming up with the connection on that one...
  2. There is so much I could write regarding the idiocy of this move but no need to simply repeat aspects of the some of the excellent discusion already here. I think the key points to keep in mind come down to three important areas that any business should be paying close attention to: process, strategy, and operations. The blunders I see in all three are truly remarkable. 1. Process: Regardless of the contentiousness of past ACUG meetings and other such venues, it is important to remember that there are many hard-working, energetic, and smart people who have been working on these issues for a long time and have been more than willing to partner with LL in many different areas. It's one thing for LL to jerk people back and forth as they go from one initiative to another, but this latest move was deliberately opaque. I want to call it mendacious but will be charitable and simply call it incompetent. Honestly, the latest LL rep for AC is a disaster. When will they put an adult in charge of LL's Adult content portfolio? I know it is easy to rip on big organizations and LL takes plenty of hits across many forums - and sometimes unjustifiably. But at least on this topic..the way they have managed to alienate what should be some of their key assets in the community is remarkable. 2. Strategy: I'm not a marketing expert, but there are some basics about branding - yes? You spend considerable time and effort trying to connect a name (Zindra) with a set of activities or content; you get others - in this case some of your key paying customers - also to invest in promoting this linkage. They spend considerable time and energy actually helping you build the brand in very practical ways (e.g., adding the name to searchable objects). They are actually building the pieces to help you establish the brand as you cannot yourself. After all that...you sell the name to someone new who lives far away from all of the established persons, and you do this because :"The goal of this project is to promote Adult content on the Zindra continent and private estates by establishing a Resident-run welcome area for users interested in exploring this content. "...which gets me to... 3. Operations: by which i mean 'implementation'. Question for the person who wrote the above which I put in quotes... Have you looked at this 'Resident-run welcome area' on the Map? - as many of your customers will? My first thought was: Seriously? I thought it was a parody. Would you find that an inviting place to tp to if you were interested in exploring the many varied experiences of Adult content?
  3. I can only guess at some of the objectives behind this policy but it would seem that better land management is not one of them. Some of the cuts being offered are truly atrocious. I don't see how this benefits anyone
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