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  1. There are many things in SL that shows someone is online and so does help me as i do have two accounts. So am i to double log and just have an account afk? Also how i would shop for things i see i will edit them. Shows the maker of that object and there profile.. and shows if there on line or not. So are we removing that little green text that shows there online.. or are we just going to remove the whole profile off of that object.. if so... guess i can buy that.. being i cant see (as most makers list there store in there profile). Every think is sl you can edit and see profiles and there being on or offline. Yes I do have somthing that shows my other accounts friends online and log off one to the other accont. Guess now i have to disclose my Alt to all that my friends. Seems this way im forced to. So much for my privacy.
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