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  1. Well, I've been on SL since late 2009 and from my "Plain Jane user" point of view - some short bumps excepted - it used to run smoothly as f*** so far. Then came 2014 with a new feature: the more and more frequent Unschedulded maintenances. :womanfrustrated: Last big one was on may 1st: the whole grid had been messed for one hour or so. Tonight, I'm back from work and impossible to log in. It has been 3 hours now. A kind of new record has been broken... :womanmad: This, and the expected schedulded mess in 2 days (By the way, why not expect another unschedulded maintenance party right afterwa
  2. Easy as pie! As far as I know, in Canada, an automobilist's nightmare is called the moose: as dumb as a chicken, as tough and bulky as a tank. In SL, an automobilist's nightmare is called... your vehicles! Same features. :matte-motes-wink-tongue: Overtaking or crossing one of them is always a bit perilous. I never know if they won't make a sudden path change and push me and my vehicle to an unpleasant spot (ban line, no-script or full parcel, etc.). So I've taken the habit, each time I cross the path of one of your meese, to stand up my car, jump on "yours" and stop it. So I can keep driving
  3. AnnMarie Otoole wrote: I've given enjoyment to as many as 250,000 passengers in SL. [...] I assume this is the number of unique passengers. And I would be curious to know how many of them have never repeated the experience, once - just as I quickly did then - they realized that, due to the slowness and erratic behaviour of your vehicles, simply walking is even more efficient, reliable... and finally faster. :matte-motes-big-grin-wink: Or maybe we just don't have the same definition of "enjoyment". :matte-motes-asleep:
  4. AnnMarie Otoole wrote: Male Bovine Excrement. Only 5 of the 750 possible rez sites rezzed a bus on a timer. They were all large parking areas where vehicles would not block traffic. Get your facts straight before making broad fanciful accusations. 2 are still operating successfully. I wasn't meaning traffic block (mind you... :matte-motes-sarcasm:) but at least being in the way of whoever wanting to rez their own vehicle on these occupied public rez zones. All of them are not that large: some are just small roadside parcels and don't even extend on the road itself. Trying to rez 2 n
  5. Darien Caldwell wrote: For those unaware, Annmarie is currrently engaged in the practice of rezzing self-replicating vehicle distributors on LL owned rez zones. These objects use tricks to get around the auto-return time on those rez zones. This is in violation of the community standards and the more likely reason her bot got banned. OMG! I've seen it and I wonder how LL could allow that. By luck, the "experiment" is over now. :matte-motes-shocked: Here is what we have gotten away from: Imagine that scene on almost every public road rez zone on mainland. Not only did it take up a lo
  6. *Update* Plusia is fixed! But now the bugs occurs in other regions. For example, I couldn't even make a successful Tussock-to-Owlet crossing for several days: Second Life: Your object <insert name of a killed in action train here> has been returned to your inventory Lost and Found folder by Paris Paster from parcel 'Paris Fantasies' at Tussock 126, 252 because the parcel is full. I'm not a code expert, but I can't help but wonder why I'm bothered by a parcel... situated in the opposite corner and direction of where I try to head to! :matte-motes-mad: Of course that's just a single exa
  7. I've seen it too. And I've felt it! :womanmad: Since last week's massive rolling, that old bug seems to have had a sort of revival. Especially in Plusia region: For several days, it has been impossible for me to cross it while riding some vehicle. Here's the result of my last (and still fresh) attempts: Second Life: Your object ' Rail Crew Car v2.5' has been returned to your inventory Lost and Found folder by (???) from parcel 'PEKU' at Plusia 238, 251 because the parcel is full.Second Life: Your object ' Rail Crew Car v2.5' has been returned to your inventory Lost and Found folder by (??
  8. In Azkul region, right next to the S@ss store entrance, you may enjoy being welcomed by an unplanned dump: almost a dozen of stacked scourgemobiles :womanmad: And 3 extra ones on the other side of the rock face How sweet! Now, tell me again how you intend to put all the blame on parcel tenants for that mess. Some people really seem to be out of this world, don't they? :matte-motes-sarcasm:
  9. Alas, same for me. I have a 0.851 oX DOS HUD that I haven't used for a while and when I wanted to use it today, nada! :matte-motes-shocked: So, I went to the main store, in case my version was obsolete: http://slurl.com/secondlife/Regal/151/136/156 But no! This is still the latest version. Plus, the rezzable lucky chair finders I've found there no longer work too. :matte-motes-sour: I can't blame the HUD. Something is definetly broken in the system, but I'm unable to know if it's on the creator's side or LL side... Anyway, the oX forum page I've found in the group profile now sends me to
  10. Your cab is quite good, Phoneix. Very original handling, a bit puzzling at first but I finally got accustomed with your "cruise control" system. It allows some kind of enjoyable look-no-hands cruising.:matte-motes-whistle: However, I have issues with the included info notecard. It keeps telling me I'm not allowed to view it. What am I supposed to do? :smileysad:
  11. Thanks for the review. I had noticed this car quite a while ago, but I've never dared to purchase it yet, by lack of having made a test-drive to see how it behaves. :matte-motes-smile: BTW, there's no hesitation to have now: I've just noticed it costs 0 L$ at marketplace. Almost too good to be true. :matte-motes-oh-rly: https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/Szym-Metro-Sedan-FREE/415633 Another good 2CV replica is available at Apolon Motors, but costs 800 L$. Anyway, I had the luck to "borrow" it at a public driving land and it behaves quite well for cruising. :matte-motes-smitten: To remain
  12. Hiya all, Being an occasional by-road explorer, I already noticed these many "movie stars" a while ago and wondered about who they were and what they are here for. Lately, one of them appeared in the vicinity of a friend's land and we begun to investigate a bit further. According to my friend (she's a long-term resident and an experimented builder), such bots are an efficient way to watch a whole sim. What's more, we noticed there is rarely more than one Movie Star per sim, and that the ones sitting in near regions often have the same date of birth... As for the rest, everything matches: t
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