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  1. Thanks for your help and for your welcome,

    I already submitted a ticket but I found a faster way to resolve my issue here: http://blogs.secondlife.com/message/560493#560493 and here: http://blogs.secondlife.com/message/407595#407595.


    What I understood, it is that Ghost avatars log out and relog indefinitly. So you have to try and try again to login until you do it when your avatar is logged out.


    Tell me if it's right


    Well.... now, my problem is my friend

    She probably thought I didn't want to talk to her.

  2. I was in the mainland, and when I crossed a sim line Boder, my viewer (Phoenix) crashed. Its windows closed suddenly.

    I waited a few minutes (10 or 15) and then, tried to login again.

    I had this message: ""login failed, the system is loging you out right now. your account will not be available until ..."

    I waited 30mn more, and tried again to login. Same message.

    30 mn later, same message again.

    For friends, I appear Loged in and I could receive IMs in my mail box. The ones who are able to locate me on map can't tell me where I am.

    Before this happened, I was on the mainland at Sonogno and I crashed when I changed sim, I didn't know in wich direction I was going to.

    I am now unable to login. (And I was trying to resolve a bad issue with my best friend)

    What could I do ?

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