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  1. Indeed Qie. These are 2 private regions side by side packed with game machines but otherwise very well maintained when it comes to scripts, mega prims and textures. The region affected was the region with 2000 scripts, and an average of 1.500-2.000 traffic. What puzzles me even more is that the other region has an average 12.000-16.000 traffic and 3500 scripts and wasn't affected by the same issue. (it still has pathfinding enabled though i dont use it) There's some region crossing from the busiest region into the one that was affected.. other than that, I don't know what else could be cau
  2. Disabling pathfinding on that region fixed the issue! Thank you so much
  3. Hi Renae, I don't want to jinx it but so far so good! It's been 24h since the last restart and so far the region is running normal. I'm going to keep my fingers crossed for a couple more days but if it stays like this 48h more, then I'll owe you one! I'm surprised that in almost 2 months of tickets back and forward no one from support suggested disabling Pathfinding but if this fixs it for good, I'll let them know so they maybe help others with the same issues. Will update this thread in a couple of days *fingers crossed*
  4. Thank you so much Renae. One of the Lindens assisting the Case said he did the navmesh rebake thing and restarted the region after but to no improvement, though disabling the pathfinding wasn't mentioned. I'll follow your instructions and post an update. Again, thank you so much for trying to help out!
  5. Hello, I've been trying to deal with a server memory leak issue? (nothing else comes to my mind on what's causing it) since January but unfortunatelly no solution has been found and I'm getting a bit desperate. I've tried getting help through the support channel but I'm not having any luck, so I'm hoping someone experienced can feed me some inputs on things to try or how to handle it. Here's what's going on: Region: Deluxe Games II (private region with an adjacent region) Main issue: SIM FPS and PHYSICS FPS - will not go over 43 FPS. Time dilation will not go over 0.95. Description: When
  6. I would if I could but the name can't be found by the system so I can't do it
  7. No, I'm 100% sure it is SL Resident and it's been talking jiberish in my group too so it's not a service avatar.
  8. Hi there, SL Resident It first visited my places a while ago and now comes back often. No profile and it can't be banned so I assume this a LL service Avatar. does anyone have a clue what this is?
  9. and the best part is paying out L$ to ... a ghost basicly! over 113 debits yesterday with no destination resident. Brilliant LL! Absolutely brilliant! please make sure to cast your vote on this one urgently https://jira.secondlife.com/browse/WEB-4254
  10. I thought you should know that.. Grandfathered pricing Some older regions have "grandfathered" or discounted pricing on their monthly maintenance fees. In February 2010, it was announced that these grandfathered maintenance fees would no longer be offered and that changing ownership or converting a grandfathered region would change its maintenance fee to the current monthly rate for its region type. http://community.secondlife.com/t5/English-Knowledge-Base/Managing-Private-Regions/ta-p/700115#Section_.2
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