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  1. Hello. I have been a premium member for a few months now and I am interested in getting that 1024 plot. Would love a corner plot or along the sim with water front and option to rent other parcels around it. I am sure everyone wants that option. I am open to other options of land, I just can't find them. If anyone can send me LMs to land that can be purchased with premium account it would be very much appreciated. Please send me an IM in world. Kind Regards Avie Benoir
  2. Did I mention every plot I find on Linden Land is available yet says 'Not for Sale' and says maintenance. Frustrating, annoying, I really don't need a 512 plot but it comes with the deal so let's get it. How?
  3. I am new to premium account even though I have had it a few months. Very interested now in getting my 512 plot on mainland however, I can't find any. As with other's asking if the mainland plot was now 1024 I am guessing that is not so and just the Linden home is larger. How do I find a 512 plot on mainland for my premium account? I have asked before and just told to go to land rental and that did not help. Kind Regards Avie Benoir
  4. Recently I became a premium member, I am not interested in the houses. I would like to find where to look for the 512 plots. Are there land marks to these sims where I can find them? Advice is most appreciated. Thank you.
  5. Same problem and I can not find anything on the blog that tells me why.
  6. Thanks Belosinda, after many attempts I took your suggestion and straight in. Great suggestion and stopped the frustration of trying to log constantly with simulator thing coming up. Ty ty Bel
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