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  1. thats what I thought to Marianne, I only tip those that have an actual conversation, not just standing there spewing out gestures ...
  2. ohhh I wasnt going to do it ... noooo lol If i was goign to try it I wouldnt stick it out for all to see against my name lol I was just curious as to hearing others opinions or stories. I know there are alts out there in clubs, I am sure this does happen to a small degree where as DJ's run multi avatars, but the idea of one person running multiple clubs and DJ and dancers all at the same time? Yeh thats the fanciful part
  3. yeh I thought it was kinda out there as an idea, hence the title of the thread, I was just curious to see what others thought
  4. I wanted to share something I have heard, its very simple I have been told ... run multi avis and own multi clubs ... I wonder if this is really going on in SL? With several computers running multiple alts for dancers and DJ's A copy program to steal clothes and aos and skins Multiple cheap streams or open a stream store Rez some clubs, put yer own alts in as staff Use dancer huds or scripting to automate responses - listen script Get a job with an alt at someone elses club too and then hire your own alts as dancers and collect money there. Put a real dj on or steal a 2 hour mix off youtube and rez an alt while you have a 2 hour nap When things are quiet create clothing and open some stores
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