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  1. Hiya jwenting, This is interesting. So you reckon that SL could of been running using the built in Intel chip and not the 2G AMD graphics card? Thanks for the reply
  2. Hiya Orca, I'm an official kind of guy. Third party viewers seemed a little pointless to me. Plus I seem to remember 1 massively popular one being banned a few years back for basically stealing peoples personal info (I've forgotten exactly what happened, but remember it caused lots of drama). That said, I will take your advice and look into a third party viewer when I find the time to have another go with Windows 8. Thanks for your reply
  3. Thanks for the reply Theresa. It's actually an AMD 2 gig graphics card. I guess I'll just have to unbox the new laptop again and have another go with it. 3rd party viewers scare me. I've only ever used the official Linden one. I miss viewer 1 and Windows XP!
  4. Hiya, So my old Windows 7 laptop exploded a while back. I promptly panic bought a new laptop. With Windows 8. 'Surely it's not as bad as everyone makes out' I thought to myself. I was wrong. It was an idiotic decision that I've regretted ever since. After updating it to Windows 8.1 I thought maybe things would be slightly better. Sadly not, somehow my wireless and bluetooth cards weren't compatible and after hours of trying to fix it (Both myself and the Dell tech support), I rage quit and did a full reinstall back to Windows 8. After it completed that, I promptly reboxed it and haven't used it since. Luckily I managed to fit a new hardrive in my old Windows 7 laptop so use that. Anyway, my question is: Are Linden Lab ever going to release an officially supported Windows 8 viewer? Whilst my old Windows 7 laptop is working, it really does struggle to run SL. I tried installing SL to the Windows 8 laptop when I first got it and whilst it did run, it was near unusable. It just crashed all the time and the user interface seemed to flash with glorious colours which often made the chat dialogue unreadable. Thanks, Wiu
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