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  1. Sorry for being not very descriptive. Using SL since years and never encountered such a problem like this. I even can't sit on the ground. Hoping for new ideas
  2. I'm a member of all the groups in that sim and problem is not poseballs only, I can't sit on anywhere so can't use anything.. By the way, I'm not using Firestorm, using SL viewer, wondering if I clicked on something wrong but can not figure it out.
  3. When I right click on an object/poseball to sit, my avatar starts to fly and doesn't let me sit on it. Tried clearing cache, rebooting and nothing worked. It happens to be only in one sim but it's only me having problems about it. Others can dance, sit and use other poseballs. Does anybody knows what might be wrong?
  4. Well thank you. yesterday was another one, today another and tomorrow I'm sure it will be someone else. How long do we have to deal with this annoying issue, does anybody knows this?
  5. Found objects on the land nearby (http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Rasley/212/195/112) feel free to check it and would one of you please tell me what to do with them?
  6. I'm having the same problem since yesterday. Had to block the sender and sent an abuse report. Nothing has changed so far, it keeps going on and on and feeling so upset. Almost impossible to stay at my home as it gives me a thousand pop-ups to cancel. Seems like nobody has shown interest on problem, nothing solved.
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