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  1. Hi i made a ridding crop but im not to good at scripting/animating so im unsure how to make the ridding crop i made swat or animate however i did animate the avatar to hold the item properly but thats as far as i got any suggestions? thank you . -Luxz Blessed
  2. Hi i made a ridding crop but im not to good at scripting so im unsure how to make the ridding crop i made swat or animate however i did animate the avatar to hold the item properly but thats as far as i got any suggestions? thank you . -Luxz Blessed
  3. hi, i've never worked with mesh before (not new to sl , just been away for a bit ) but i thought before i do , i should check out a mesh builders kit , it's a shoe kit .. and it has many maps inside it including alphas and shoe bases .. the problem i'm having is that i ant seem to remember how to use mesh maps within SL to turn it into an object , i dont know if it even posible to make mesh from the maps within SL ... so i have to export the maps then re import them to turn them into actual objects right? or is there a way to make those mesh maps into the objects wth out having to export the maps? sorry if y question is not clear to you, i'm not the best person when it comes to explaining things xP. thanks.
  4. thanks i think i got it working now thx for helping me and replying so quickly i really appreciate it. just have to get use to the new settings in the merchandise place now i think..
  5. oh good everything went like you said except when it was sending i got an error " no folders were sent to the markerplace because of a system network error. try again later" i did everything like you said which was straight forward , thanks for helping me , do you know how to fix the error? only one made it to the direct mailing thing when i went back to check on the market place after the rest say magic box
  6. i know its not necessary but i would do it just to avoid having to transfer everything.. i tried adding something yesterday to the merchant box and it couldnt upload as if it wasnt in sync or something ... so i dont think i can just manualy reupload my stuff one at a time within SL >.> unless i have to unbox my items first? can the merchant box handle boxed items like the magic box?
  7. cant i just delet all my shop stuff and magic box and upload to merchant box from scratch? -.- cause its to complicated to transfer everything like its asking to ..also i dont have a folder called DD Migration
  8. i'm trying to do the manual association thing by following the directions of the link you gave me but it's not working i cant get my stuff to go into the unassociated inventory part Click Actions > Edit to open the listings Edit Item Listing page. Click the Edit associated object button on the Edit Item Listing page. Choose the Direct Delivery version of the object from the unassociated inventory in the provided list. Delivery type is not indicated on the list, but it only displays inventory that is not currently associated with a listing. Number 3 i cant do because there is nothing to chose from when i click edit Associated object its just blank. here is a screen shot
  9. Hi i dont get the new system that will be in place concering the magic boxes, what exactly is direct delivery and how would i send my stuff thats in my magic box to the direct delivery system? will the direct delivery be a physical object in world like the magic box? i'm not sure how to transition from magic box to direct delivery basically.. i've been away from SL for a year and half now..so i'm trying to get up to speed. thanks
  10. hi my shop has been moved up in the sky on a platform above a sim about 300m up or something.. is there a way to get my shop playing a different radio station with out it changing the radio on the ground level or the main sim? thanks.
  11. full perm script here that might work can someone help me tweak it, or will it not work? // ==================// OPEN MOUTH// ==================// CONFIG// The animation to use to keep the mouth open.string gAnim = "express_open_mouth";float gOpenRate = 0.2;// Counts amount of time between timer bursts so the typewatcher isn't annoyingly frequent.integer gTypeCounter = 0;// Use this to reference NULL_KEY as a pointer. Surprisingly, this approach saves 2k per script.key null_key = NULL_KEY;// ==================// STATESinteger gInserted = FALSE;// ==================// ANIMATIONinteger toggleAnim(){ llRequestPermissions(llGetOwner(), PERMISSION_TRIGGER_ANIMATION); return TRUE;}// ==================default{ state_entry() { gInserted = FALSE; if(llGetAttached()) toggleAnim(); } // Request animation play when gag attached. attach(key attached) { if (attached != null_key) { toggleAnim(); } else { gInserted = FALSE; toggleAnim(); } } // Request permission to run_time_permissions(integer perms) { if(perms & (PERMISSION_TRIGGER_ANIMATION)) { if (gInserted == TRUE) { // Start timer which keeps the openmouth anim running. llSetTimerEvent(gOpenRate); } else { // Stop the openmouth. llSetTimerEvent(0.0); // Make the wearer smile when their gag is removed. llStartAnimation("express_toothsmile"); } } } timer() { // Run openmouth animation. llStartAnimation(gAnim); // If the wearer is typing, if (llGetAgentInfo(llGetOwner()) & AGENT_TYPING && gTypeCounter == 10) { // Send link message notifying other scripts. llMessageLinked(LINK_THIS, 0, "Wearer Typing", null_key); } gTypeCounter++; if (gTypeCounter > 10) gTypeCounter = 0; } // Waits for another script to send a link message. link_message(integer sender_num, integer num, string variable, key wearer) { // If gag inserted, keep the jaw pried open. if (variable == "Inserted") { gInserted = TRUE; if(llGetAttached()) toggleAnim(); } // If gag removed, close the jaw. else if (variable == "Removed") { gInserted = FALSE; if(llGetAttached()) toggleAnim(); } // Output current free memory. else if (variable == "Memory") { llOwnerSay(llGetScriptName() + ": " + (string)llGetFreeMemory() + "kb free."); } } }
  12. hi , is there anyway to make a avatar keep its mouth open by using a script , im trying to make it look like there is a candy cane stuck in its throat.. i'm thinking it might be a half script job and half animation type job.. but i'm having trouble finding a open mouth animation on SL market thats full perms :/
  13. i cant seem to find a converter , i have a sculpt i made in blender and i need to turn the file in a tga so i can make it into a sculpt map in SL , but blender doesnt allow me to save in that format (tga).. so i'm geussing i need to find a converter of some sort..does anyone know any free converters? i tried googling but the only ones that came up you had to pay for and reviews were bad. sorry i'm new to sculpting. also SL doesnt detect obj file ,and i tried uploading using dea or is it dae or whatever but everytime i tried uploading to SL it kept crashing my game..the mesh uploader i mean.
  14. For Some reason i keep geting ''Delivery Partially Failed'' in transaction history when some people buy some of my items on SL Market. my Magic box has not moved since i put it out , so whats causing it all of a sudden it wasnt doing that beforeand my shop is not that old i end up having to contact the buyer and manually having to redeliver the item.,cause i'm scared that the one they ended up geting from SL market got currupt so i do it just to be on the safe side of things.
  15. How Do I Make a Animation Work With A Object i made? (purse with right hand/hold animation) i have no idea how to do this, and i'd like to learn how , as in the future i'd like to use other animations with my objects hope it's not to much to ask you guys :p
  16. well i dont mind if they have to be asked to click on it , i just want them to have the option to teleport
  17. what type of script would i need to make it so when people left click the sign it teleports them to my sl shop... also i want text to pop up when they click or float text saying '' Visit Our Main Shop ''
  18. oh ok , thank you both, but i dont own the sim my shop is on so i dont think puting up a sign is a option, but lets hope people are smart enough to turn around then lol
  19. i tried creating a landmark just outside my shop but the landmark keeps facing people away from my shop , iwant it so they are facing it , how do i correct this? ... i wanted them to be just outside my shop so they could see the sign and the autumn decorations i have up , thats one of the reasons why i have not made the landmark to be in my shop. this is the landmark http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/SnickerDoodle/189/37/23 but if you tp to it you will see you are turned away from my shop :/ ... i tried moving to diffrent angles but that doesnt seem to work. thanks .
  20. i'm not aloud having hover text in my shop because it goes through other peoples shop wall, is there anyway to stop it from going through the wall...becausei have a tip jar/orb and i wanted to have it up , but it has text, if i get rid of the text then no one will know its a tip thingy unless i import a texture and add a sign next to it , but i dont feel like wasting 10L and adding a prim to my shop , i have a limitation on how many prims i can use..i dont want to waste it on a sign. :/ anyone have any ideas? this is the script im using: integer giSum; default { state_entry() { llSetClickAction(CLICK_ACTION_PAY); llSetPayPrice(5, [10,50,100]); llSetText("Orb - click me to donate!\nSo far, we have collected 0 L$", <1, 0, 0>, 1.0); } money(key id, integer amount) { llInstantMessage(id, "Thanks for the tip, Brightest Blessings!" ); giSum += amount; llSetText("Orb - click me to donate!\nSo far, we have collected " + (string)giSum + " L$", <1, 0, 0>, 1.0);
  21. thanks you guys once i get the box to my new sim,what do i do with the old box though or the copy one? do i just keep both and when i have a new item to add just add it to one of them or both?
  22. What Will Happen If I Move My Magic Box and Put it on A Different Sim, Will I Lose all my info and Objects ? i'm thinking of geting a shop in sl ,but i'm kind of scared to move my magic box, because i'm not sure whats the process is to removing it then adding it to my new sim... will i have to restart everything? like relist my items on SL market ..or be forced to add my objects back into the box :/ ..can you tell me about what happen to you when you moved your box? and what you did ..so i dont mess anything up moving it. if it does get reset should i take all the items out of the box before reseting it? i'm not sure how it works. sorry thanks!
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