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  1. Good points about a SL Group. I don't know if there are singles groups in SL or not. I don't log on this avatar much, I was making the Yahoo Group to help folks I've heard struggling. They keep talking about AVMatch and how they don't care for it. I'm married in RL and not looking for an SL relationship. I don't log Millie in enough to feel that I would be the right person to start a group in-world. So, I thought I'd try the Yahoo Group. I was hoping folks could join the Yahoo Group, chat a bit there and then friend eachother in SL.
  2. Come join us??? The group is brand new and only has 4 members. We need more nice friendly folks
  3. I hear so many of my friends express that they find it hard to meet nice, committed folks lately. I started a Yahoo Group in hope that it might help to bring mature people together in SL. Here is the description of the group: A group for mature people who are looking for potential partners or friends in the virtual world of Second Life. Please be respectful of one another at all times. We have folks from all walks of life and they all deserve respect. Once you feel you have met someone you would like to get to know better, please take it inworld. Have fun and happy friend finding! The link to join is http://groups.yahoo.com/group/slsingles/ .
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