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  1. You could contact Aiyana Orchid. Maybe she can help you...
  2. I've considered making demo houses, in particular I was wondering if there are temp rezzers out there that could do the job for me. However I'm a little unsure on how safe that would be... Writing DEMO all over it is an idea as well which I will look into.. I guess I'm just a fan of in-world shopping and like to see the stuff as displayed. But yea, of course a sim owner doesn't want to give away their prims just like that, which is why I'd obviously give them a % of any sale.
  3. Good evening Ladies and Gentlemen, I've a question here which may sound strange, actually it might as well be a strange request, but hey! asking it anyway can't hurt anyone... So here we go. I love to build stuff. Homes, furniture, whatever I feel like making at the moment but mostly it's buildings of one sort or another. And afterwards, like so many others I put it up on the MP. Now that is all fine, but for a building to be sold people need to be able to preview it. If I could spend more time in SL, I'd simply rent a parcel and put a temp rezzer up, but as it is, my online time is limi
  4. I'd be among those 'builders' that currently do not have an in-world store. And I won't pretend that some of your assumptions aren't true. For starters, I'm fairly new and mostly do it for fun and only add it to the MP in case someone eventually wants a copy, but I did have an in-world store for a little while. However, with a so far rather small number of products it seems fairly unreasonable to rent a sim to display the stuff. And unfortunatelly, unlike for clothing vendors, displaying buildings permanently takes a lot of space and prims. Yet, I would very much like to offer a more cons
  5. Depending what kind of businesses you target you could try to contact the owners of the highend advertising / specific groups. For example, there are many fashion designers in the Fashion Consolidated group or you could join Builder's Brewery to get in touch with, well, builders. However, to get interviews from the big sellers, I'd try the forums (as you did) and contact them via notecard/e-mail individually. Best of luck with your project. Oh and edited: I certainly wouldn't mind answering a couple questions but I guess my 'business' hardly qualifies as a serious business...
  6. Have you tried contacting Moni Schulze? She is the seller of the product and should be able to tell you what skin it is or at least which photographer/model took the shot so you could ask them...
  7. I think there are very few malls that are actually frequented for being a mall. What you want to look for is a highly frequented place, like Frank's Elite Jazz Club or any other popular club / avenue that happens to rent out shops in the immediate area. That way people happen to walk by your store, however, as mentioned above, the prime way to advertise your products are fashion groups and blogs.
  8. Good day, afternoon or evening Ladies and Gentlemen, Finding marvelous apparel for female avatars is not a huge challenge. The tricky part for girls is to select what one likes best among a multitude of finely crafted items. For the male citizens, or well.. the male avatars of Second Life, it may prove a little more challenging to find what one is looking for. And for that very reason I've created a notecard in world with landmarks to my favourite stores. Initially I intended to blog about male fashion, however up to know I could never find the time so the notecard is all I can offer. But I'
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