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  1. I have been trying to log in for 2 hours. Is there a problem with the grid? What is going on? I have tried all my viewers (Viewer, Firestorm, Phoenix) with the same results. It gets to region handshake then errors out. I did make it in once, and the system logged me right back out.
  2. Thanks for your help, Cinn, she got in! Thanks again!
  3. Thanks! I'll have her try it and see. She's using phoenix because she said viewer 2 won't run on her comp.
  4. Hi, All, A friend of mine set up a new SL account (this is her first time trying it). I was able to get her through the sign in, but now she is at the Terms and Conditions page, and it will not let her click the accept box so she can go on in. Has anyone had this problem before? Anyone know how to deal with it? Thanks in advance! Stephan
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