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  1. I hail from a part of secondlife that gets its jollies by shooting at eachother. I joined in late 2006 and honestly, it's the only thing that's kept me coming back to Secondlife. Back in yesteryear, pre-2007, most Secondlife Militaries, militias, mercenary and general shoot-em-up type groups were based off of the mainland. Early to mid 2007, most/all of said groups moved to private island simulators. As you can imagine, this has stifled some things in the last five, going on six years now. Fast forward to the present, your only options for multi-simulator combat in Secondlife are the combat sandboxes, which are riddled with griefers,autokillers, and other types of sillyness, and the second interation of the so-called Combat Continent. First one failed due to politics. If the second one will survive the same politics, only time will tell. Which leads to the question. Would linden labs ever subsidize or otherwise support any sizable landmass for combat to take place on with LL Damage? Not really sure what their policies on community assistance is.
  2. Pipe dream it is. The combat community is too immature to ever really work together. All drama and sillyness. Ah well. Thanks for the info, guys.
  3. Shame. I'd probably be more bummed if I didn't know the combat community would never actually band together long enough to organize it anyway. Then there are the drama wars...then regulating the continent without bias... Yeah. Guess it wouldn't work anyway. Thanks for the replies guys.
  4. That's the thing. All of us own (or atleast, most of us, some rent) Own our island simulaters. This could just be an old forgotten outreach program, or I could be misinformed, but I remember atleast one community getting a donation. I'll post the name when I can remember it worth a damn.
  5. This is more of a question for a linden or a community representative, and I had no clue where to put it, so sorry if it's in the wrong place. I'm a member of second lifes militart combat community(Yay don't I sound all fancy) and there was something a friend of mine told me long ago, that never came to be because of lack of community involvement (We're an overly dramatic community, you see.) But yes, the question is about the validity of it, and if indeed it's possible to do at all. As I recall, it was described as a community outreach program where if a community showed enough interest, or signed a pretty petition, or similar, it were possible for Linden labs to donate sims (Or atleast something to this effect). The friend I mentioned wanted to get something like this done for the combat community, a dedicated combat continent where people could just go at it over a persistant area and just go nuts without being ilmited to a single sim. I'm a bit old school (Not older than a good deal of folks, granted) and I was at the tail end of the "Mainland war" Era where combat groups would own parcels on the mainland and go and attack eachother from accross the grid. Now it's all islands and drama and blah. (Granted the drama and blah was there before.) I just think this idea of making a dedicated combat continent was AMAZING and would love to see this happen. But I fear it may never come to be, but am curious if it is at all possible. Sorry again if it's in the wrong place~
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