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  1. Well gee Q, you put the information out there and people commented on it and you run and hide? We are the users my friend. We are the one's paying the wages and salaries in the Company. If you want to ask questions and cry when someone has a shot at you, then my friend it is time to find another job. Viewer2 stinks! That is the message people have been giving you. It really stinks. It is awful, rotten and compared to other viewers, hard to use. Get used to it. Until Vwr2 is changed totally, it will stink. If you and your team took more time sorting the problems out rather than concocting excuses why you cannot, we would be far better off. Me personally? If you guys continue in the vein you have now, then I will be leaving SL, regardless of the Return of Phillip. It is my personal opinion that this "can do" man (Phillip) is surrounded by "can't do" plebs and yes men. "To achieve a solution to a problem takes time. To achieve the impossible takes a little longer." With the many alternate worlds now springing up, all the one's I have visited do not use Viewer 2. I wonder why? Simple answer - It is rubbish my friend. Throw it out and start again. The waste of space on the damn thing is disgusting. The need to navigate through hierachy is pathetic. Lack on p/b access to regularly used options. Mate whoever gave Vwr2 the greenlight (imo) should be strung, drawn and quartered, because it is bloody rubbish. Most of us are happy driving our late model viewers (majority viewer = Emerald), but LL continues to push its Model 'T' hunk of junk viewer2. Why? I believe the LL developers are too bloody lazy to do the job and are more inclined to look for an excuse NOT to do something rather than spend time working out ways of achieving a result. Come on, get serious and do the job you're paid to do for crying out loud. Why am I being a little bit tough? I expect LL to take ideas from every single avenue open. That is not the case lately It appears you guys ask questions then go and hide when you hear things you don't want to hear... Cut it out! Listen and learn! "To achieve a solution to a problem takes time. To achieve the impossible takes a little longer." We enjoy SL, immensely, without using Vwr2. Yes, I have tried it for extended periods but continually get frustrated with the UI and end up using a TPV. Be a "can do" man, not a "can't do because" man, ok? "To achieve a solution to a problem takes time. To achieve the impossible takes a little longer." For the record ol' mate, I'm well over 50 years of age and been involved with computers since the mid 70's. You are up to the job Q, the problem is that you just don't know what you and your team are capable of producing. Break the shackles, release the chains and go for it ol' mate! MISTER LINDEN!! TEAR DOWN THOSE VIEWERS!!! (Wonder where I heard something like this before)
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