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  1. hello everyone, I am trying to have a rigged mesh object that i fully weighted to my right pec move with breast physics, although it does move with the breast physics it seems to not move precisely there is a bit of a drag, any idea what could be the reason? Much appreciate your help. Regards, Stylus
  2. excellent, i added all 50 bones and that works appreciate the tip!! However that is a long list of bones to add manually everytime i want to upload a project, Is there a way to add less bones and still have it work in the SL uploader? it seems when i am trying to select only mbones it auto selects a bunch of others, so by the time i am done selecting only mbones all 50 bones end up being selected.
  3. Hello everyone, I am having a really weird issue, spent all day trying different senarios. What I am trying now is a simple test, I am importing the FBX version of the default SL skeleton into max 2013 and then exporting it as DAE, I have the latest version of the FBX plugin for 2013 installed which is 2013.3. However when I open my exported file in the SL mesh uploader it does not seem to be recognized as a rigged mesh because I do not get the option to check 'skin weights' or 'joints'. I would really appreciate any assistance as i ran out of options i have no other solution but to seek help from someone who may know better. Thank you so much in advance.
  4. Morgaine Christensen wrote: "and doesn't look like an attached pole like the VAW does in the one photo." lmao... last i checked they had several photos of multiple states and the new v2.5 which they released just a month or so ago is far more realistic and has wayyy more features then your "**bleep** with a fireman's hat on" one. I am willing to bet, that fairy guy put you upto this. See for yourself: https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/VAW-XTC-**bleep**-V25-Sculpted-**bleep**/217669
  5. Ceka Cianci wrote: realism in the texture and good positioning goes so much farther i think hehehehe unless you want all that other stuff..but visual wise i can pick'em real fast =) Have you seen the new VAW 2.5? they added a tilt in the HUD so you can tilt up or down in addition to all the erection levels. They also improved the texture and shape in the V2.5. It was released like a month ago https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/VAW-XTC-**bleep**-V25-Sculpted-**bleep**/217669
  6. Sure I will promote VAW or any other brand that brings high quality to second life. I am only echoing what I hear and experienced hands on during my 4 years in SL. I spent far too much linden dollars on nonsense that looks good in pictures and feel obliged to let people know what in my experience is good or bad, everyone has the right to know and then decide on their own, no one needs to go through disappointment and in most cases end up leaving SL before they find what they really want. Obsession is not a word in my vocabulary, appreciation, you bet. I only use and resell their products now after years of hearing rants from customers, wasting prim space and money on things that are not worth it.
  7. women vote for all types of things, doesnt change the fart, i mean fact. :smileywink:Have to disagree there, we pay and we enjoy before anyone else, just wouldnt pay 1.2k for something that has no features and no room for expandibility simply cause the HUD looks good. oh, and a fireman's hat lol I would go for the VAW easily, just look at all those features...and looks alot more realistic
  8. aeros looks like it is wearing a fireman's hat and rushing to put off some fire lol I bought several brands when i first joined in 2008, but I mostly use the VAW Genitals. Bought the v1 back when i was a noob, it has definitely come a long way and improved alot in the v2.5 which they released like a month ago. VAW's experience certainly shows in their products.
  9. Here are the links on the marketplace and their inworld island mainstore. https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/VAW-XTC-**bleep**-V2-Sculpted-**bleep**/217669 https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/VAW-XTC-**bleep**-v25-Sculpted-**bleep**-Just-Shipped/217671 http://slurl.com/secondlife/Virtual%20Artworks/85/220/36
  10. This is a no brainer for me I use VAW now for 3 years, I have to say they work the hardest and it shows in the..."Product" lol. It has improved big time from the time I bought it. Version 2.5 which they roled out like a couple of months ago is the most realistic i seen. I got Xcite too, it's rubish, too complicated and the parts feel like they are moving independantly when changing states, worst of all 100+ scripts and objects and sculpts do not load instantly, looks like you are wearing a ball on your pelvis for sometime before it renders evertime a state is changed.
  11. xcite used to be good back in time but they are not the best these days and their customer service sucks, most people are turning to Virtual Artworks or VAW best in my opinion . Their genitals and sex animations are so realistic. I got alot of their products. http://slurl.com/secondlife/Virtual%20Artworks/101/220/36
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