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  1. Blush - thanks for the observation. If I've got you right, I can also see the BoM match problem as the older skins on the mesh head don't match the older skins as applied to the body 😞 But my older hand painted skins do look fantastic Everyone - aside from the BoM issues, could I ask another query about Bento heads (if I need to post this separately, please let me know.) Can I "turn off" the brows on the heads; i.e. have a no brows look? I ask coz I like the brows that come with the Nylon Outfitters skin but when applying these to the demo LOGO head, I have 2 sets of brows!! Or perhaps it depends on the head? Can I turn off the eyelashes that come with the Bento mesh heads? I've asked in a few inworld groups but not had a reply on these questions so far. Thanks
  2. Chic - thanks for emphasising the ‘no demo, no buy’ point - I’m only just grasping the importance of this. And I think this is why I was drawn to the LOGO (Ariel) head; I like it very much but the demo also came supplied with Omega appliers, so I can demo skins which have Omega appliers with the head. But I’ve not ruled out buying appliers in order to demo other head. Sasy - I’d not known about bakes/d on mesh before your post (I’m a new returner), so really appreciate your comments. I’ve just downloaded the beta viewer, followed the Strawberry Singh advice and all set to try my old skins tomorrow, in the Beta region, when my inventory refreshes. (I’ve got loads of birdy, tres blah, Nylon Outfitters, !imabee and &Bean skins and can’t wait to see what they look like on mesh heads!)
  3. Thanks Sasy Scarborough - in my confusion, I’d not realised I needed to install an Omega HUD/Relay in order to demo Omega compatible heads with demo skins that have Omega appliers (unless, it seems, the demo head builds Omega appliers in, as does the LOGO head demo.) Thanks Orwar - I didn’t know Omega HUDs/Relays aren't universal for skins but brand-specific. So following from Sasy’s point above, I’ll need to get an Omega HUD/Relay for each demo head I’m trialling with an Omega combatable skin - unless the demo head contains a head applier. (Thanks too for the tip about the compatibility of UV maps with Omega and the potential precisions issues - which I'm now looking out for!) Thanks Pussycat Catnap for the recommendations & great suggestions for scripts - plus the point about a ‘decent skin' with all kinds of appliers. I love the new Nylon Outfitters (‘NO’) ‘Lumi’ but both the demo & full price skin only have Lelutka and Omega appliers for heads (plus Mayatraya for body.) So unless I chose a Lelutka head, I’m stuck with Omega appliers. I like hand painted/hand drawn skins with lots of contrast. Years ago, I started off with Blowpup skins, then went to &Bean. But I can’t find many skins of this type today L
  4. Hello, I’ve been away from Second Life for a while and returned to a world of mesh heads - the Bento type ones seem the most up to date. I have 2 questions I'd appreciate some advice upon: (1) I've got got a couple of demo skins that I like (one from Nylon Outfitters & the other from Mynerva). Both skins and their demos have Omega appliers. Next, I wanted to demo some Bento heads. But of the heads I’ve tried (e.g. Genus, Catwah, LAQ, Logo, LeLutka etc) only Logo seems to have the ability to trial their demo heads with existing skins via Omega. I know it’s important to try out heads via demos, especially important to me as my skins choices are more quirky & not a ‘glam’ look. So .... - are we only meant to trial the heads with the skins provided in the demos? - or do I need to get a universal Omega applier Hud and use this to trial demo heads, if it works? (2) Could someone recommend a Bento mesh head with smallish lips? With the lovely Logo head that I’ve trialled with my skins, even when I adjust my mouth with the sliders, the upper lip becomes like a shelf! And the head looks better with larger & more protruding lip shapes.) Thanks everyone ☺️
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