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  1. Hi. Currently I am on Firestorm Beta v2.5.2. I've been trying to update to the mesh viewer, the official release viewer of Firestorm, but each time I download it and get on in world. It says that it has failed in creating a bridge and exits out the creation process. It leaves me unable to teleport, see who is online, and see land information. This is really frustrating since I obviously need a viewer that is mesh enabled. My operating system is Mac OS X Version 10.5.8 (Macbook). I have tried posting on JIRA but no one gives me an answer! I can't use Singularity because currently they don't support Mac. Do you know any way I can solve this? What other mesh viewers are out there for Mac? Btw- I've tried clearing out my cache, deleting all remnants of past viewers from my hard drive. And nothing. The Bridge problem keeps happening. I have just tried the newest versions of Firestorm today. The recommended and alternative. If you can solve my dilemma your help is greatly appreciated. *** I tried all of Griffin's suggestions including that link. And no luck. Sigh. I might have to quit sl because of this....
  2. I haven't received the items I ordered last night. Yet the delivery status is "delivered"?? Help!
  3. Thank you for the response! After I successfuly uploaded pictures in different regions I knew it wasn't my computer. So I contacted the staff of the sim again and he reset the region I live in Now it works! Awesome
  4. I keep receiving a message after I attempt to take a picture and save it to my inventory or on my computer that reads "Unable to upload [photo url/name] due to the following reason: The server is experiencing unexpected difficulties. Please try again later". I checked the grid status and all seems well. I even downloaded an update for Phoenix viewer.. it didn't work.. so I downloaded Firestorm.. still can't upload pictures. I asked someone from the support team of my sim and he said that he can upload pictures with no trouble. Does anyone know what could be the problem and solutions to it? -Eli
  5. Thank you all for the responses! From when I asked the question to now I have done my research and bought land as a private estate from a good reliable company! I'm very happy All it took is taking the time to research and comparing prices as well as reliability. Thanks again for help! - Eli <3
  6. Thanks for the replies! With the premium account home can I add prims/furniture or completely remove the home structure and add a skybox on it I bought from the marketplace?
  7. I'm thinking of upgrading my account to Premium so I can buy land. But I'm confused. Do I need to pay Land Use Fees (I'm thinking of the lowest one) AND buy land? And what about parcel/pixel use? Do I have to pay a fee for that as well? I just want to know all the fees one has to pay when owning land. I really want to have my very own place to decorate as I choose... do you think renting an empty skybox would be cheaper? Know of any empty skybox renters?? Any help is much appreciated! ~Eli
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