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  1. Hi. I am an annual premium account holder and therefore entitled to 1024 sqm parcel. I made My alt also an annual premium account holder which gives him also 1024 sqm. My question is this, can the two of us buy a parcel for resel of 2048sqm and how do I (we) go about it?
  2. Justus Aljon

    Justus Aljon

    I am a premium user and I believe there is 1024 sq M available to me. How do I go about getting it, how many prims can I put on there? If you can give Me some more information please I will appreciate it Regards Justus
  3. In 2006 I greated an account but due to computer challenges I never could really use my avatar and did not come back till 2010. That yahoo addy I had is no longer available and I would like to reactivate the avatar. It is called Cyberwulf Heart. Is there a possibility I could do that. I have an alt called Cyberwulf resident, but I would prefer to have CyberWulf Heart back if it is possible. Hopefully someone can help me Justus
  4. in 2006 (about there) I registered an account. unfortunately I lost My password and even that of the yahoo address I used to log in. Is there any way I can activate that account again please?
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