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  1. Hi folks This is something I've wondered about for a while. When you have 2 textures - one in front of the other - from one angle the front texture may be fine but from another angle parts of the back texture may appear through the first Why does it do that and is there a work around? I make machinima and this has become an issue. The set is in a building that has opaque-ish glass in the windows that is not particularly attractive. I can insert cityscapes just inside the glass that look great from one angle but from another part of the glass window appears as an unwelcome bar across the centre of the cityscape texture. I am using the latest release Firestorm viewer.. Thanks! Jess
  2. Hi folks I use Firestorm for machinima because it allows me to resize to 800 x 600. I've struck a problem with the textures in the leaves of some potted palms going blurry - no other textures in the location are affected. I've tried the same location using the SL official viewer and there is no problem - but I don't want to use that viewer because it doesn't allow resizing to 800 x 600. Can anyone suggest what I might need to tweak in Firestorm to fix the problem? Thanks Jess
  3. Hi guys Does anyone know where I might acquire a smooth sitting (in a chair) to standing animation? Thanks!
  4. Thanks Ella - have done that now!
  5. Hi guys Does anyone know where I can find some modern (not vintage) suitcases/luggage - hopefully not too expensive, or boxy looking? Thanks!
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