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  1. You touched precisely on point. Power of creation. I think that was what really made the only SL and this is gradually lost. I posted this topic as a warning about the future of SL. I think that if not solved some problems and some ways to modify the SL year will reach either the SL2. Sorry for the catastrophic tone, do not want to promote defeatism but I can not be lenient!
  2. I meant that the stores impose forms of body parts like feet, breasts and even the whole body. But do not condemn, they just use spaces left by LL.
  3. Yes, I use it. Thank you.
  4. I recently read the news of changes in Second Life In bold letters "Second Life will be totally redone" http://thenextweb.com/dd/2014/06/24/linden-labs-building-new-second-life-scratch-woo-new-users/ Coincidentally I was commenting to some students the degradation process that SL has suffered and wear due to wrong path in my view and decision making from offices without practical visions that should leave the metaverse itself; Resistance to change by the Linden Lab? Insistence on maintaining an unfriendly viwer The viewer since official release of version 2, was not well received by users that have proved somewhat receptive to the new viwer that despite bringing great internal improvements opted for more exotic ways of interface. The decision to use pull down menus complexes (which unfold in more menus) instead of simplicity and efficiency of the pie menu is one of the most obvious examples. Not to mention options that were almost hidden as teleportation, access to media, etc.. Understandably the Lindem Lab resists change while the alternative viwers gain more space. But of all the problems that most struck me were the changes brought about by something that alone should cause a revolution in Second Life. The Mesh. But for some inexplicable reason took totally different paths to desirable even to the point of technological regression. Today due to attachments to the body creating products is painted out instead of patterned clothes, like the early days of Second Life. Look regressed 11 years! SL What is most important, what did he do to be so attractive and so successful? In my opinion the SL began as a giant chat room and has evolved to a fantastic world with visual immersion now coming to the Oculus Rift. The key to success was to create a world where there were no limits of creation. Sorry to say but today I see stores dictating standards for glasses, hands, legs, breasts, etc.. Do not condemn the entrepreneurship of these tenants. They are occupying the space that was originally intended by Mehes (which should facilitate the adaptation of shapes Avatar) but also for some other reason could not even coming so close to success (mesh deformer). The SL is coming to a crossroads where the only options are: A cosmetic change aimed at maintaining the status quo! Or a profound change from the inside out from his strange and suffered so revolutionary. I believe that if you choose the wrong way and he had suffered to enter history as a game that marked the beginning of something new in the history of games or Be "creating your own world by the hands of the user himself! I want to leave my personal opinion clear and error-prone (the truth is not mine and I do not think that belongs to nobody) but with faith that the SL lasts for another 11, 22, 33 years!
  5. Sorry, my English is not my native language, so it is difficult to be clear. I do not mean the technical part as mappings, file extensions or something. I mean the freedom to create without having to tow objects created by the formality stores. I am not against entrepreneurship but feel a depletion in the power of individual creation. I refer to the "do different" not "do the same".
  6. Why SL has deviated far from its original path? Where did the freedom of establishment. Where nobody was caged to specific formats!
  7. Agree. We need a new alternative to fitted it does not really obtaining answer the wishes of modelers! Thank you.
  8. I have observed that you actively working on a solutionm, Cathy. There's no way to highlight the effort of Gaya and all its employees in operating the mesh. I think she is a commendable example of how a community struggles to try to adapt to constant changes that the mesh has suffered. There is no denying the jurisdiction proves the years. Since the old days where everything was sculpt. I agree and I support that common sense will prevail. I still believe in a solution that includes both types of rig. "Fitted" to anyone and in my case "Deformer".
  9. I hope so. But my intention is to draw an alternative to what already exists. The Mesh Deformer was so breathtakingly simple. Not fit so well the topology of the avatar makes me highlight the great work and the level of sophistication achieved! A pity that the day I used the mesh fitted literally erased the Mesh Deformer Project has been launched!
  10. Exactly, thank you Chic Aeon! Raised the question about the fiteed why he does not seem to be moving forward. The mesh deformer work simply and efficiently (for me the two go together) and stopped when 100% functional. The colision bones in the current skeleton behind some technical complications that I see this preventing the definitive solution to these problems. Back might seem wrong, but in fact recognize the will of help Lindem. And yet I am not alone!
  11. First I would respectfully state my opinions (I think I owe it to my students ) and raise some points that brought light better clarify the situation of the modeling that has already suffered some time by the current method of rigged ( mesh fitted ) . 1 - What is the level of satisfaction ( by the creators ) of the fitted mesh ? The Fitted mesh was created to give the creators more freedom and increasing sophistication of mesh shapes . It seems that along with the win ( collisions bones ) many problems of technical policy emerged . Affecting the process of RIG Deep . I use blender and I am fan of the freest possible method . I teach my students an automatic method with manual refinement . This process needs to fully align the bones ! No use of any addon or script . 2 - To what end is this project ( seems not finished yet ) . What is the future of Fetted ? It is desirable to continue to develop a project with complications sing ? If for instance the answer is stated when it will be 100 % functional ? I ask this having a significant quenda the students who come to me to learn modeling for Second Life ! 3 - The uses colision Fitted hats , but in practice , many users use these bones ? Learned that one of the major obstacles to the full implementation of the mesh Deformer was that not affect bone collision . How important for the usurer consumer is ( considering that one of the most sold products are attachable breasts ) ? And what is the opinion of the designers about . 4 - The Mesh defermer I experienced was 100 % functional and was suddenly replaced by mesh Fitted unfortunately that has not yet taken off ! Linden Lab could not use an alternative that would address the two methods ? Keep the fitted mesh associated with mesh deformer option ? Anyone can opt to use the colision bones ( fiited mesh) or Mesh deformer that is not affected by the bones but has a indeice supeior of success! I hope to expose not only my opnion but mostly my doubts and my students .
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