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  1. I have this problem also it tends to only show with ligher colour bases.. catawa tattoo hair bases. did u find a resolution for this.
  2. Sleek & Sexy Dance is looking to hire dj's (prefer own stream) 100% tips are your own. Fun friendly open minded working environment Please contact myself Sneakie Silvesmith or Nate Elman for further information.
  3. Have sent you a pm. if you need to contact me back please send me a NC in world
  4. Owner of a new club Sleek & Sexy were a new and upcoming club with a wide genre of music, we have a very friendly and easy going staff group. were very easy going and very open minded to everyone, and are willing to give mostly anyone the opportunity to prove themselves. were currently looking for dj's (preferably own stream) Hosts ~ looking for someone who knows how handle the crowd friendly and promote the staff /club Dancers (full nakedness isnt a requirement) Private dancers Please feel free to contact either myself, Sneakie Silversmith or Nate Elman.
  5. Please contact me in world :-) LilLeoMinx Shilling
  6. Hi there i did reply in world and added as friend just gimme a shout when your around.
  7. Tried to contact you in world does not allow me to locate you. perhaps you have public search turned up. If your looking to be hired contact me in world via note card as IMS get capped
  8. Please contact me in world if you are looking to be hired.
  9. We are a new club in second life looking to build up rep, we have some good dj's with a good rep. and im looking to hire more staff Were friendly easy going and very open minded. We are willing to hire new residents who look suitable in appearance. Im currently looking for dj's (prefer own stream) Host/Hostess Dancers Private Dancers Please contact me or you can send Im in world to myself Nate Elman or Sneakie Silversmith in world
  10. Hi there contact me in world currently hiring staff
  11. Hi there im currently running a new club to sl, Sleek & Sexy were looking for Hosts/Dancers any experience lacking were willing to help with you can contact me in world LilLeoMinx Shilling
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