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  1. this is probably a glitch in the server it has happened to me to i had to wait a year before linden staff where aware of this so my suggestion wait and keep trying is the best advice i can give you
  2. I don't know if you have ever heard of getting lost inventory from a store at little blue island with a gadget they have I forget the name but its a gadget IM sure its still there I haven't been on there for a while but I know its there the gadget finds your deleted items and things you have deleted since you joined secondlife its pretty cool I think the gadgets name is auto finder or something like that
  3. How come when people want to buy sim on second life in-game its cost's so much now?The price is like 5,000 linden a week something like that. And another thing how is the new second life viewer like?Is it better than the normal basic one where clothing objects cars and scripts were as easy to make. Are they harder now or much easier just want to know
  4. How many avatars can there be at a time on your full region sim?Just wondering because when I was on my friends sim it could only hold a maximum of 50 or 60 avatars before it would crash or act weird and log of everyone
  5. What is that picture that you have on your post there is that secondlife (in-Game)?
  6. Edgard Fang


    those are all some very good points but there are also the possibliltys of islands being locked not working or that sim being maintaneced ,futhermore not to mention some terrains are worth byuing at all because of the owner himself makes it impposible to live in and charging you way to much linden for that terrain no matter how it looks.
  7. What do you mean by that "commitments and by the committed"?Are you saying you SL boyfriend is possibly cheating on you or something?
  8. not bad that script actually works too.i should know i am a scripter myself in secondlife (in-Game) lol well kudos to that :smileyvery-happy:
  9. im sure you will do good at figuring out the meshing of avatars
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