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  1. Nice Shot Strawberry!!! Love the rain you have the damp dark going on !
  2. beautiful shot Lo very intense!
  3. Commune Utopia Has become my sl Family and home. Not Only has Sedi created a beautiful space, she has created a wonderful community where open mindedness is accepting of everyone. The people here are warm, friendly and lively. At anytime you can pop in and find someone to talk to, music, discussions or a friendly cuddle. I Love it here! Owl Dragonash
  4. The depth into sureality is great! Nice Caitlin!
  5. Loved this whole series she did on her flicker sooo cool and beautiful!
  6. Beautiful shot caught the depth and shadows really well!
  7. nice shot the red pops beautiful.
  8. Nice shadows and light! beautiful place too!
  9. Hoot! Love the rain ty : ))
  10. Really beautiful photo!!
  11. The way the light filters through the trees ..the bluish hued mist rises ..Miles stunning!
  12. Nice shot it has a very real look to it!
  13. Very cool! Really nice shot Caitlin!
  14. Hoot Ty Dutchess & ty for mentioning in your blog http://threadsandtuneage.wordpress.com/2013/07/02/sl-picture-of-the-day/#comment-593!!
  15. Sweet ShotArnno ...you get such depth brilliance and clarity in your work!
  16. Thanks Moon & Alice : )
  17. yay! So glad you liked My Bear Photo : ))
  18. Beautiful shot the shadows draw the eye to the unicorn. your use of shadow here adds to the fantasy creature keeping a myth like quality! Really awesome shot!
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