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  1. Wow Patch cool! Can't wait to have SL time so I can go look!
  2. @Beth Macbain Hugs just thinking atm maybe early fall ish : ) Hoot
  3. haha Hugs Syl : ) Idk yet work summer but umm thinking : )
  4. Hello - does anyone know how to go abut reserving the fairgrounds and if you can get stream rights at least for your event? Thank you in advance Owl
  5. beautiful look and Capture!
  6. awesome shot Nelson such a wonderful eye you have!
  7. yay! Such a magical fall photo.
  8. this looks so real..Very nice!
  9. wow this is wild great sence of motion and creative view
  10. Excellent Venus your lighting and shadows evoke the sence of a warm memory .
  11. So Awesomely Creative! This is great!
  12. Beautiful nice aged feel to it too!
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