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  1. Campbell Coast is happy to present : CALY APPLEWHYTE Exhibiting September 28 - October 11 Art Party September 28 12pm The Musical Compositions of the amazing and talented BSUKMET Do join us for Art and Music! https://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Erazor/105/181/2002
  2. bahahahahahaha these are too funny!
  3. Photobombed in Bellisseria (sky got changed mid shoot)
  4. Katherine, we need to organize one you can be at : ) Or feel free to do an opening at your Gallery space : ) !
  5. Yes love is in the air and I am in love with this village of 42 Art Galleries. Do bring your valentine or come solo and party with us and see the Art of Second Life’s extremely talented Artists. ** Hoot come celebrate the grand Opening https://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Erazor/132/62/2002 Campbell Coast Artists Village ! an Unveiling for a special surprise, music , dancing and lots of art!! FEB 14TH at noon for the unveiling: )))) 12 pm Live Music by Suzen Juel 1pm DJ Doc Rast Your ride to Artists Village and the party! Campbell Coast Artists Village is home for galleries of many amazing Artists Work. Including Adwehe, Alex Riverstone, Anouk Lefavre, Audie Whimsy, Blues Rocker, Caly Applewhyte, Ceakay Ballyhoo, Charles Hera, CybeleMoon, David Silence, Dhyezl, Dido Haas, Dįmį Ļųdwįɠ, EtaMae, Eylinea Seabird, Gidgy Adagio, Giovanna Cerise, GoSpeed Rasere, Inara Pey, Jaz, Jed Luckless, John & ᴛᴇᴍᴘᴇsᴛ ʀᴏsᴄᴀ-ʜᴜɴᴛsᴍᴀɴ, Kat Heartsong, Kitty Mills, Larree Quixote, Lena Kiopak, Michiel Bechir, Nympheas.nogah, Owl Dragonash, Radagast Malaprop, Rey Charles, Shakti Adored, Skip Staheli (soon), Suzen Juel, Thomaz Blackburn, Traci, Trixie Bumbo, Uli Jansma, Whimsical Aristocrat
  6. what a fun style of interviewing you have! Thank you @archangel969for the experience and article : ) Hoot
  7. Send a Hi in sl I will invite you to all kinds of interesting parties and events! Welcome Birdie : )
  8. I Just lurked through here and found these post really interesting. Last month I bought my first piece of mainland. @BJoyful and @rasterscan let go of some property with in Campbell Coast. wow what a beautiful area of mainland. I feel quite lucky to be there and friends have areas nearby. Currently there are a few rentals open there, II don't believe more land is for sale. It is quite a lovely area of mainland with a great community of folks. if you like Scotland, Art, Music , fishing, boating, driving and conversation it would be worth your time to come see it.
  9. At Hoot Suite Art Gallery, I am Featuring the photos of Michiel Bechir. Michiel is exhibiting Dec. – Jan. 10th Do come by and see his wonderful work ! Here is a teleport to Michiel Bechir’s exhibit at Hoot Suite Art Gallery. Party December 22nd starts @ 10 am 10 am Live music by Lexus Melodie 11am Dj Uli Jansma
  10. December 16th I am hosting an Art Party at Phoenix Arts Collaboration 10 am – Live Music By Winston Ackland 11 am – Dj Joss gets us dancing! This event features the Art of Sheba Blitz , Cullum Writer, Michiel Bechir, and Me. PAC is well worth your visit as this is home to many studio galleries. Here is a Teleport to the party at PAC.
  11. An Art exhibit by Anouk Lefavre at a new location Eulennest Gallery. Anouk is exhibiting now – Jan. 24th 2021 .★.«”Second star to the right and straight on ’til morning.” ».★. Join us for an opening Party December 15th at 12pm (noon) 12 pm – Live music by The Vinnie Show! 1 pm join the After party with Dj Uli ! Your Teleport to Eulennest do come by!
  12. Just ran across this .... pretty good info ... https://picklaptop.com/best-laptops-second-life/#Best_Laptops_for_Playing_Second_Life_in_2020_-_Buyers_Guide
  13. I got a dance with Slenderman! @SlashTE haha @Trinity Yazimoto 's Art Party at Hoot Suite Art Gallery in Bellisseria.
  14. Gidgy Adagio is exhibiting at Hoot Suite Art Gallery October 4th – November 1st This magical woman has such a wonderful eye and energy! Gidgy also has a permanent Gallery at Campbell Coast do come visit. Gidgy’s Gallery @ Artists Village Campbell Coast
  15. https://throughowlseye.com/2020/08/27/join-us-for-visual-and-audial-delight-as-skip-staheli-exhibits-body-positivity-wth-an-opening-party-featurng-the-vinnie-show/
  16. This was shot in the old FS viewer in the Black & white setting. uploaded it to Canva added the text and 3 photos downloaded that as a pdf Imported it to Photoshop and changed it to a Jpeg. no editing on the photos...
  17. Hoot @Da5id Weatherwax and @Larree Quixote was so awesome to have you both!! Day 2 starts at 10am June 17th hope you can come by! Here is a quick shot of some of Moondance Parx particles from Jed Luckless's set!
  18. Do come join us for Earth day ! (April 22nd) *AWESOM FALLEN's Art Exhibit *10am JOE PARAVANE performing Live! *11am DJ DOC RAST mixing his set for us 💜🎶Defiantly a fun time!🎶💜 https://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Ruthsburg/125/206/23… @BJoyful @rasterscan
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