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  1. Make your problem not someone else others problem with spamming this messages constant by collars and AO's... I have not ask for this type of spamming...when I buy this AO . So please stop with it... Its a bit of an abuse to use the AO and collars this way because they are not meant for this type of messages. We don't get it 1x but multi of times...its become annoying.
  2. Thank you...I had never problems with this font before but i shall try next time another font.
  3. Hi on 29 May I changed my display...but after 10 minutes it change by them self to reset it to my user name again. I could not change it ..it said i had already change it so i must wait a week. So today 6 may ... I set my new display name again..and again after 10 minutes it change to my user name back. It says again i must wait a week for a new change. Has someone else this problem to ? That you make a Display name and it reset it self to user name.
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