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  1. I've seen a lot of statues made of mesh in Marketplace that are just taken from a game.I don't know how it works to get the 3D model,but the person does not deserve to get lindens for something stolen from a video game.An example,I came across this statue of a "sobbing girl",taken from "Alice Madness Return" Marketplace:https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/Sobbing-Girl-Statue-Mesh-Market/3495140 Alice Madness Return:http://images.wikia.com/americanmcgeesalice/images/d/db/RADULA_ROOM.png I can't find the option to flag this item as stolen.I read a post about it these days,and it was said this is not allowed.
  2. All my mesh clothing are like this,They load with their texture but soon turn into full black with no detail... How to make it normal again?
  3. Having lots of people,Great well made locations,More interaction rather than combat,responsible and trustfull admins,good community. Knowing that the owner(s) care about the players and know s/he/they put some time creating the RP.
  4. I really dislike this new AV trending.Very separeted angry shaped eyes,angry eyebrows,small child/anorexic-like body,huge head with weird shape,ridiculously HUGE lips with weird distribution of upper lips and sad,like you said.And like said before me,the hips! It looks disgusting,IMO,like a creepy doll.
  5. Some people really dislike furries,that's ridiculous but most people may pass by the add because they think it's for furry-only. Background:You could do it cleaner,like,get a white place and take a shot there,like this: http://www.flickr.com/photos/hogwartsyourstory/6004240987/in/set-72157627345644170/ It would look fantastic,but the one posted with a castle background(one of the first answes to this topic) as really good to.
  6. Perverts People that want to know my RL story before getting to know me People with extremelly strong facelight that mess up mine Nasty pornographic images floating in a sandbox,I tried to get away but endep up in a place with more pics Dino Rex's arms,or any type of exagerated body That's about it.
  7. It looks great.I would change the colors to white/ice/light gray(like Maytreia),it looks cleaner and better to stores,IMO.I'm not crazy about the wall texture,something simpler would look better. Still,it's very well done,it looks amazing .
  8. But she was not sexual in any way,or wa she?If she were acting in a sexual manner then it would be very awkward.I chatted with a lot of people that I knew it were a teen,most I just ignored or said I needed to meet a friend.The only weird sittuation was when a teen guy wanted me to be his girlfriend(the way he saw SL was pretty much like a teen newbie) As long as thei are nice and know in what type of place they are,there is not a big problem in my opinion,maybe is because you are a male and she was female,and I can't imagine myself in this sittuation
  9. There are alot of teens in SL,usually they don't want anything sexual,and maybe seek a family RP to be in.There were nothing sexual in this girl,basing on what you wrote,I don't know how that can be awkward.I was a friend of a family that had a daughter that was actually a teen,and it was very fun to be around her,she had friends who could trust. The problem is silly or innocent children falling for pedophiles traps
  10. Hello. I'm currently looking for a good role play that takes place in a Ancient Greece or Rome,with not only combat but also the social relation between the characters,kinda like the 18th Century RP. Does anyone knows one?If you do,please tell me :)
  11. There's a boot called Slouchy Boots on Marketplace for free,but the free one is a very bright blue color.
  12. Calm down...It's just my opinion.Of course I end up getting used to having people putting their personal photo on SL,I just don't like it.I don't know if the "pornstart name" was for me...I named my avatar for the flower,I was kinda surprised when I tried googling myself lol
  13. Second Life for me is really a second one,I never mix anything from SL and RL,I don't mind when people do it,but for me it really breaks the magic when someone puts their RL picture on the profile and it's very different of what I thought.It annoys me also when people want to know more about my Real Life. What are you guys opinions about it?
  14. It took me some time to get used to Truth too,I LOVED very flexi hair,but now I think the Truth hair looks more realistic. Hope you find one you like ^^
  15. Truth Hair have both natural and bright hair color tones,each one separately(wich one come with different tones). example of one of the bright tones: https://d27fcql9yjk2c0.cloudfront.net/assets/3632080/view_large/TRUTH%20Teshan_reds.jpg?1306543023
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