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  1. Well according to color quality I have Intel 8281OE Graphics Controller.....I went to Intel to see if I needed an up date....I dont apprently but thanks everyone soooo much for the advice this is a real pain I was so excited to get started..But again thanks for all the help you guys are awesome!
  2. The highest mine goes to is 24bit how would I go about updating the drive or whatever....remember these things are like a foriegn language to me. Thanks so much for like the time even helping with this problem spectacualr!
  3. Wow you guys are amazing Im running Windows XP fairly old computer do I have to purchase a graphic card and how much do those run. Thanks for your prompt responses I think I will like it here!
  4. I recently downloaded second life...and after installing I tried to launch and it seemed to be working until this pop up appreared saying I needed to have 32bit True Color I followed thier directions only to find out I can only have 26bit. What do I do? I am not very computer savvy so please describe your solutions in lamest terms....or like I'm stupid
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