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  1. Okay, I decided to ask the other people here for help, since after submitting dozens of Support Cases, I got no answer what-so-ever. So now I am trying to dig a bit deeper into this and hopefully get this resolved at the end. So this is what happened: About two months ago I received a message to my e-mail, telling me that there had been a billing failure when I was supposed to pay for my premium membership. In the e-mail I was told to log into my account and update my billing info during a week in order to keep my account active and not get it suspended. I tried to log in every day of the week to update my billing info, but apparently my account had been suspended already, since I couldn't log in and just got this message telling "Are you having a little trouble with your password or security question? We can get this straightened out by talking to you. Please call us: (866) 476-9763 or you can submit a Support Case." (And I still get the same message) After that I've been sending dozens of Support Cases over, but never got any answer to them and since I am from Finland, can you even imagine how much calling over would cost for me? And all I have is this "prepaid" number, which costs like 5 euros per minute to call into numbers outside my home country. So yeah, just wondering if anyone here can help me at all? Been a premium account user in SL for pretty much 3 years, used a lot of money for my account and then getting it suspended and not getting any sort of answer is pretty damn annoying, so in all honesty... what the f**k is going on?
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