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  1. Screw it. Download the previous version: http://downloads.phoenixviewer.com/Mac/Phoenix_Firestorm-Release_4_2_2_29837.dmg It worked for me! At least I can use SL now. Forget the update. Would rather have it as it was than an upgrade I can't even access.
  2. I'm having this EXACT same issue, and all various attempts mentioned by the original poster are ones I have tried, as well, to no avail. What the cause, this is extremely frustrating, and I've no idea what to do or how to fix it. I, too, am running it on a Mac OS X 10.5.8. It couldn't be the 5.8, could it? Any upgrade, as far as I know, is only obtainable through purchase (versus auto-update), so I personally doubt it's to do with 5.8. I've searched and searched for answers and have only reached dead ends. When I try to load the viewer, the application icon bounces for a while before the following message pops up: "The application Firestorm-Release quit unexpectedly. Mac OS X and other applications are not affected. Click Relaunch to lauch the application again. Click Report to see more details or send a report to Apple." Nothing works, though. Ignore does nothing. Report tells me nothing. Relaunch repeats the fruitless process.
  3. It doesn't work regardless of where I try logging into. I've uninstalled SL and deleted all temporary cache files, or whatever they're called, and I'm still not sure what the issue is. I've rebooted my router, even tried an ethernet cable. Nada.
  4. It isn't an account issue, and I know I haven't been banned. What I'm thinking is that it's an issue concerning my MacBook's system, even though it's up to date, and the issue only presented itself at random on the 5th of January. I was able to use a friend's desktop PC this past week, to boot, and I encountered zero issues. With my MacBook, I've tried accessing my account through Firestorm, Phoenix and the regular SL viewer to no avail. Anyway, this is what I'm experiencing: "We were unable to decode the file storing your saved login credentials. At this point saving or deleting credentials will erase all of those that were previously stored. This may happen when you change network setup. Restarting the viewer with previous network configuration may help recovering your saved login credentials." Whatever that means! And then, when I click "OK" and try logging in anyway, I get this: "Login failed. Despite our best efforts, something unexpected has gone wrong. Please check status.secondlifegrid.net to see if there if there is a known problem with the service. If you continue to experience problems, please check your network and firewall setup." So, I did check the two, and guess what? Nothing's wrong with either. Not a single thing (as far as I can tell and as far as it shows). So, what the fudge is happening here?
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