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  1. Guess what I was going to make a new post about? Yep, this lack of review for buying exactly same product via inworld vendors. Good creators are not getting as much praise as they should and 'Mickey Mouse' ones are not getting the negative feedback due, not to mention customers could be warned to stay clear. But, hey...we are talking LL, here, when all is said and done.
  2. Yes. But. The majority of the grid are not using the laggy mesh viewers, be they FS or V3. You look daft, therefore, to the vast majority of us. Ponder that. Myself, I am not changing to mesh anytime soon. LL needs to get the FPS rates up on the mesh viewers first , not to mention the fact some of the older prim stuff we all have is in many cases as good, and easier.
  3. Nonsense. Clearly you do not like these temp rezzers. Well, bully for you. Why not ask LL to ban them, if they steal server resources like you say they do? Hmmm? They can be adjusted, and have limits in any case, and most of all they work well used carefully. Some think they work fine and enhance some people's SL who cannot afford large parcels or sims of their own......then again, some - like yourself - are convinced they are wicked and on the verge of bringing SL to it's knees. When LL agree with you, and ban them - though strangely they have not done so thus far, and temp rezzers h
  4. Yes, one of my friends parcels which uses rezzbox started doing this, but the other parcel with same system is fine. I suspect something malicious myself, as a unwanted intruder was ejected just before this happened.
  5. The first I knew of this total nonsense that the arrogant 'out -of-touch' Lindens have foistered on us all with no discussion or feedback or surveys inworld - as per bloody usual - was when I got a email saying a girl I had only met in SL, that same day, was 'following' me. WTF? I eventually found the mysecondlife.come page, after loggging into the secondlife page, and hopefully set my details to nobody - which is where the bloody Lindens should set things as default in the first place. My friends in SL, I know from SL....you know that once cool 3d world that any other company other than
  6. .....so, that's allright then? The whole problem is the astonishing lack of appreciation and arrogance of LL for it's customers, which - sadly - under the new CEO boy-blunder (who I see cozily replied in a thread to the usual apologists and brown-nosers - who completely forget they are paying customers - about some interview he did ) is not getting any better. Do you think Apple would have bought out something as dire as V2/3 in RL? Nope. But even, perish the thought they were that incompetent, it would have been either binned or corrected lon gbefore now.
  7. I'd like to complain about transparent apologists and shills labelling paying customers who dare to criticise and/or object to dumb fool policies as 'whiners'. Ask any successful company who they truly value....the 'yes' men or the critical customer.
  8. For you, I dare say, yes. Personally, it was dire for me; slooooooow, basic, and not in same league as emerald or it's 'ham-strung-by-the-jealous-lab' offspring, Phoenix. Even Cool Vl viewer ran rings around Hippo, for me. But, hey, whatever works for you. Enjoy it before the Lab meshes, tweaks, cast rune stones, contemplate straws, and strive to improve, after a year and a half, the horror that is V2.
  9. That was about as as clear as mud..... and equally helpful. Perhaps more hyperbole may help? :matte-motes-tongue:
  10. I am not really sure what the first part of your post is pertaining to?.....or the pics....frankly both look gay to me - the first one being in front of a toilet where George Michael may be lurking, the second is wot I see gay men on tv parades wearing, maybes?? But....... what I DO know is this...if someone, anyone.... laughs and mocks how you are in SL, then that is THEIR problem, not yours. :matte-motes-bashful-cute-2: DO not let mean-spirited people stop you playing this game, and most of all you must be and wear what you want and let your individual 'look' or persona come through, and d
  11. Hmmm, worrying, actually. Even if Apple doesn't send $100 billion of US taxdollars to Israel.
  12. Erm, have we? In theory, perhaps. Fact is, unless you are premium, your support is sweet **** ***. Even if you spend possibly more than a premium member, which I probably do factoring in my main account and two parcels I gotta upkeep, and my inability to stop spending money at stores I wander across the grid, preferring as I do to spend inworld at shops creators have to pay rent for. Here I am, paying part of Rod's golf club fees, possibly, and I am 'roped' in with any resident who don't spend a dime. That said, there is no way in heaven I would pay premium, with the direction and decision
  13. My generic response to those who sarcasticly reply to a OP, whilst ignoring the 'gist' of the OP.. Yeah...it's disheartening when you realise some smart-ass types nonsense effortlessly. Yeah...it's disheartening when you can pretty quickly sum up just who gives a damm about SL and it's original inception and qualities vis a vis who wants bland uniformity and facebook-itis to infest SL, too, but points out that's what the web is, so that must be right, right? Gotta keep up with the times, right?? Bollocks to the fun of exploring and shopping inworld, coz I says so......:matte-motes-wink-tong
  14. Show me where I offended your delicate sensibilities, please? Fortunately, this forum is not just for you; I found nothing offensive or insulting in my post, and I am none too sure I am comfortable with your public statement as if it were a fact that I had. It almost smacks of 'leading' a reader to jump to that conclusion.
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