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  1. I started when we still had telehubs... I remember at the time they got removed, and they allowed direct TP anywhere on the mainland without a LM, and quite a lot of people were against it (me included) I remember how all of the businesses did cluster around the hub, and residential ended up further away, and it felt completely natural. You could also fly around a lot and rarely hit anything in the sky. Try flying around in a plane on the mainland now, good luck. One of the things we said was going to happen was people would start just building doorless boxes for their homes and clubs, and since everyone would TP all the time, it didn't really matter where you were, as you would never see what was around you anyways, and this has definitely happened. One of the appeals back then, was TP'ing to a new telehub I haven't been to before, and walking around or flying, exploring the area. Take the Zindra continent for example. I'm not a fan of the grid-style layout there, but in a lot of ways, it is superior to the older continents. There are some areas where the builds are absolutely gorgeous, especially with full shaders enabled. I spend a few days doing nothing but exploring Zindra about 6 months ago, feeling like I used to back in the telehub days. I also think it a shame, that with the unrestricted direct-teleports, that there are so many, who aren't even aware of just how much there is to see on the ground. I even swam through all the piping in a dam in one spot, just to explore it. The businesses benefitted because of the foot traffic, and with the telehubs, you had a kind of self-zoning happening. As some telehubs became more popular, the business district would grow outward from it, and you ended up with some big cities, some small cities, some in between, with users building their homes in the suburbs. I miss those days, and even this many years afterwards, I still wish things were still that way. Now, everything is scattered and a mish-mash of everything on top of each other. Exploring shops and other commercial areas isn't as simple as it was, as they could be anywhere on the mainland(s). They might not even be on ground level and you'd never notice them. I know of a couple dozen businesses on the mainland that are set up in skyboxes instead of on the ground, one of them being a stream provider. Why they didn't just set up on ground level, I don't know. So, instead of having a shop down there, where they might make a few more customers through foot-traffic, and help add to the skyline, while their shop-skybox is up there, their land remains empty and barren, adding to the appearance of mainland-blight. They didn't even put in a few trees just for appearance. This kind of saddens me some. If I had enough sims to do it, I'd try and recreate that same feel on my own estate, making a private mainland that would rely on the telehubs, but there is no way I can afford it, and with the marketplace making commercial land ownership unnecessary, land owners are hard pressed to keep revenue up to pay for their estates/sims. There have been so many changes, and unfortunately, I don't really believe the ones who make those decisions, have put serious long-term thought into the consequences of them. The most recent one of them I can think of is the username fiasco. Someone needs to put their foot down on that one, and lay down the law. Stop telling us how hard it will be to re-implement them, and start thinking about, how, there is massive unemployment with tons of people just itching to replace programmers who don't want to get the job done. (whole other rant) I would like to see at least one mainland estate go back to the telehub model. If nothing else, it might make for an interesting experiment to see how the culture develops from a blank land-mass, and after a few months, compare the differences between the free-for-all that we have now, and the telehub model from back then. We just might find ourselves suprised at the result. -- Smoov
  2. I have several 1/16th size parcels for rent (4,096sq.m, 64m x 64m) I just recently added a prim bonus to. Original prims, 937, they now have 1218 prims each. All parcels along outer edge of the sim, with center 1/4's worth of the sim open water for boating and swimming, off-sim island view. Mixed residential and light commercial. (all residential if all parcels get snatched up before a commercial :) ) Each parcel marked off with a colored transparent phantom prim for visibility which will be removed on rent. Full terraforming access, skyboxes allowed between 1500m and 3500m. Please, no ban lines. Moderate sim. http://slurl.com/secondlife/Coogee%20Beach/128/128/25 Feel free to IM me inworld if any questions, I am available most of the day. -- Smoov
  3. I would never use that kind of affiliate vendor. Use one where the payment goes to the affiliate owner, who then sends the creator his/her cut, and the affiliate operator his/her cut, and the creator sends the product when the creator recieves his/her cut. Just been burned too many times... -- Smoov
  4. Well, free plus the cost of each avi's premium membership... .. . -- Smoovious
  5. just being picky here... GIF uses 8 bits indexed... (sets L$2 on the table) -- Smoov
  6. Well, of course he answered those questions that way... He's a straight male! What did you expect? -- Smoov
  7. An out-sim neighbor is possible on 2 sides at a time... could also be the same owner, but couldn't be the same parcel... Corner parcels... -- Smoovious
  8. at the very least, see if the surrounding parcels are, in fact, the same parcel, meaning that it is completely surrounded. if so? then the parcel surrounding the abandoned one gets first dibs. If more than one parcel, owned by the same person? then still open it up to the public. I'm thinking specifically of all those pock-marked 4x4 squares that turn an otherwise usable parcel into a wasted space. Fastest way to get rid of that 4x4 square? Get it sold to the owner of the parcel they're surrounded by. -- Smoov
  9. Sling Trebuchet wrote: "No more employee hours devoted to auctions" ?? What's to devote? Just automatically put abandoned land in the Auction queue after the previous-owner grace period. That way the neighbours have a chance. It feels like the approach that would reguire the least coding. - That would be 'least' other than just handing it `to the bots of price-gouging dealers at L$1/m. [snip] This actually sounds like a reasonable method. I would add to it, by only having X parcels under auction in any one time, and if there was no bidders when the auction period ends? Then and only then, put it up for open sale for L$1/m, since there was no other interest. Perhaps also, when the parcel is cleared out and the grace period is over, revert the land back to the original landscaping too. One thing I consider an eyesore with all of the unowned land, is the totally unnatural shapes they are. One parcel raised up flat, next to another parcel lowered down into a crater, next to another flat parcel at another level... Make it look like empty land again. (and... how about automatically planting a random linden tree somewhere in the parcel too? ... too much? ) -- Smoov
  10. Oh come on, that is SOOO not the SecondLife way! -- Smoov
  11. I can probably help with some of the retexturing... depending on what you're looking for. I'm usually tied up between DJ'ing and the sims, but you should be able to find me sometime... Lemme know... -- Smoov
  12. Another suggestion I would have? Show the listing date... How many times have we seen items with a promo, or limited time, price... with the words "The price is going up very soon, so get it now at this special price this week only!" or something else to that effect... ...on an item that was listed years ago... (clues in the description revealed that) or the words "brand new" in the product name... hey, put whatever ya want into the description, within reason, but leave the name to just be the name... and give us the listing date, please... (could also be handy to search for items "earlier than" or "since") -- Smoov
  13. The original poster, will probably be better off to lease a sim from an already existing sim merchant while they learn how best to manage their real estate business... It will cost a little bit more month by month, but you won't have to put down the US$1000 setup fee getting a sim direct from LL. This will limit your risk for the time being. You don't wanna plop down that setup fee, only to find after a month or two, that this isn't going to be for you, and walk away. Once you have a system that works well for you and if your leased sim is in the black, that will be the time to seriously consider developing your own estate as a business. I just can't recommend, with the sim costs as high as they are now, jumping directly into estate ownership without experience. -- Smoov
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