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  1. Someone I know very well, took part in this. She isn't on the forums and I thought it would be fitting to share her part in this, because I think, she did a great job. I hope that is okay. I'm a huge fan of this challenge and I think it's great to see all of your faces this way!





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  2. Why not just meet some women in game and share your interests. Wouldn't it be a lot more enjoyable for you? I'm almost certain you could strike up a conversation or two, like you have here. Make some friends that eventually will share the same urges. Then both of you would have at least a mildly small connection and or attraction. Most likely a repeat performance if you're any good. Probably a much more satisfying experience for the both of you.

  3. This can be a horrible place sometimes. From my experiences, if it feels like people are hiding something or they show signs of being abusive; hard as it may be, do yourself a favor, don't allow yourself to become close. You can guess what happens next. I do agree with Marigold DevinUsually good connections will happen naturally, out in world. Just be careful and take your time with it. Even then, always be cautious and trust your gut. 

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  4. I do this a lot on my Flickr. It can be sometimes helpful to use photos to express feelings. 

    Advice? It's easy.. Just take a photo based upon how you feel and put it into your profile, Flickr, Social Media. 

    I use songs to enhance the explanation of what I'm trying to portray in my stuff.   

    Best advice I can give. Make a Flickr and use your SL profile. I think that's what you meant, right?   -  

    Never Love Again


  5. Hi all. I've heard that, if you are given map rights in game. People can log into the website and see where you are via the map. I thought this was only available if the person who was given the rights was online - INGAME. However that seems to not be the case. I was told you could click on their name via the website and a menu pops up to see where they are. I can't seem to get this to work on the site via windows or IOS cell phone browser. Can anyone shed some light here? This isn't a privacy issue. I want the person to have map rights. I'm just curious about how they use the Sl site to access it and I can't seem to get the menu to pop up.    


    Thanks so much for your time. It's much appreciated.

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