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  1. yes im the only person in it and the land still deed to the group cuz the other owner left the group
  2. no im the onwer it says so i cant do anything with it block
  3. Erm let hope make my self look like fool,I have group and well what happen was i guess im the founder and creator of the group well any was i posted it different spot but i didn't make my self clear,Well the Group is called korothian army,And the co-owner of the group rent land and after he did that he left the group,well two people im me wanting to buy the land i have no control over the group and so i didn't want to get in trouble for havening it if i can't do anything with the group i hope that explain it Gracie ERM my spelling bad i like voicing better LOL well any i hope u can help
  4. ahhh sorry all i just woke up what i ment is that the group in my named but i have no control overe it,the 2 owner of the group rent out land and after he did that left the group the land still in the groups name so i dont what to do
  5. hey all i have qestion I have group called the korothian army,well i dont ever renmber making it but any was some who a cow onwer of the group bought land and like people been wated the land,he left the group and that land still in the group name and idk what to do about cuz the group is no longer alowed in and i just dont wanna gitr trouble for it if land not paid off or anything like that i hope i can post her if not im sorry im still new to this ^^ Loves Gracie
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