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  1. Hi, I'm looking for a mesh builder to make me a small object. Some details and textures involved but basic shape. Will pay for results.
  2. Hi, I'm looking for a mesh designer to make me a small mesh object. There's some detail to be handled and some textures but it's probably quite an easy task. Will pay for results to be discussed.
  3. i see your concerns, Moirakathleen. It would have to be rolled out along the same lines as IMs insofar as you would have to option to ban the caller. SL friendship would also be a prerequisite of such a development, too. Each session would have to be on a request-accept basis just like teleports, objects or photos, etc. Think it would also have to be reciprocal rather than one-way so it can't be used simply for surveillance. Generally, all technologies have down-sides as well as up-sides that have to weighed up. Right now, SL seems to be falling behind RL in this respect. People routinely take movies on their phones and share them with partners and on social media instantly. In SL, if my partner wants to share something they're looking at or attending in SL the only option is a static snap-shot. i'm not asking for the sorts of desktop-to-desktop "handshake" that services like teamviewer offer. I can see why LL would stay clear of that because it's a minefield of unforeseen consequences. However, residents are already doing this (in pursuit of the erotic attractions of controlling and being controlled) and all of it is completely beyond LL's platform, supervision and privacy standards. Why not offer residents a safer and less hazardous way of sharing inside SL where protocols and permissions are built into service? At least that way, it all stays inside SL and, if things turn sour, we call shut it down. Your concerns are appreciated....
  4. I think it would be cool if Linden could develop that for all viewers.. right? You could set limits and stuff. You've really got to trust somebody with remote access and though I love my SL partner dearly... there's risks with remote access.
  5. Hi, I was wondering if there's a way that me and my partner can share part or whole of our viewer experience within Second Life? Ideally, it would be cool to have a floating palette showing my partner's viewer (or restricted parts of it) so that we could share experiences without both of being at the same location or near to each other. Right now, we share snapshots of what each other are doing and that's fun but to able to follow her progress through SL and she follow mine would be really cool. I know some folks are experimenting with teamviewers in SL but I don't think that's quite the same thing as I'm trying to imagine here. Don't want to control my partners viewing experience just want to share it. Any thoughts?
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